Il Bisonte launches “WORN WITH LOVE”

Il Bisonte launches “WORN WITH LOVE”, a special omni-channel project aimed at the brand’s community of fans .

the iconic Florentine leather goods brand, launches “Worn with Love”, a special omni-channel project meant to enhance the brand’s vintage pieces and highlight special product care, repair and restoration services, offered through both physical and digital channels.

Cowhide leather, which has always been the brand’s favored material, is select leather worked with a natural technique called “vegetable tanning”, an ancient procedure practiced in Tuscany for millennia. The tannin, or active principle in this process, combined with a person’s own usage of the bags and accessories gives Il Bisonte creations a remarkable patina over time. Each product truly becomes a unique piece, the result of an extraordinary alchemy of natural agents and everyday life.

The passage of time changes and matures leather, covering it with a magnificent golden patina whose intensity bears eloquent witness to the stories that every life has to tell. Choosing to wear  a cowhide accessory means treating yourself to a unique magic that will last a lifetime.

Il Bisonte store in NYC/ photo: Brian Park Photography

In this context, “Worn with Love” is meant to be a digital and physical space dedicated to growing and fostering a community of Il Bisonte enthusiasts. To those who have a story to tell and to those who are curious about reading the stories of others. To those who take care of what they love and to those who believe that true luxury means evolving and aging together. And also to those who want to offer their accessory a new and different life by exchanging or selling it to other aficionados.

In a special area on the website users will be able to share their stories, read and comment on those of others, receive advice on how to care for their cowhide products, seek advice about restoration and repairs directly from Il Bisonte’s expert artisans, learn about special cleaning and remise en formeservices offered in select stores. Vintage lovers will also be able to publish their own sales ads of their personal Il Bisonte products and view other Il Bisonte fans’ listings.

The newly opened New York store will lead the brand’s direct retail project, and will feature a space dedicated to exchanging vintage Il Bisonte products. An expert artisan will revitalize items thanks to a “remise en forme” and leather care service, absolutely free of charge for the first few months.

In the store touchscreen support will allow shoppers to browse the website and online shop, as well as interact with and consult the site’s content. In fact, the new Flagship fits right into the brand’s omni-channel strategy which has been underway recently. Having started overseas, it will subsequently include the other directly operated stores as well.

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