Exclusive Interview with the Grammy Award Winning Duo COASTCITY

Jean Rodriguez and Danny Flores of COASTCITY

COASTCITY, the Grammy-award-winning Latin R&B sensation, has set the music world on fire with their latest release, “AFTER LIFE” featuring the stellar Venezuelan talent, FABRO. Hailing from the enchanting shores of Puerto Rico, the duo, comprising the musical virtuosos Jean Rodríguez (Jean City) and Danny Flores (Danny Coast), has taken a remarkable journey to conquer the R&B scene. Their illustrious career has been marked by an impressive list of collaborations with renowned artists, including Ricky Martin, Beyoncé, Karol G, Sting, Christina Aguilera, and The Weeknd. COASTCITY is poised to redefine the genre for a new generation of music enthusiasts.

Jean Rodriguez and Danny Flores of COASTCITY

Jean Rodriguez and Danny Flores of COASTCITY

“AFTER LIFE” is a melodic odyssey that transcends the boundaries of love and time, narrating an unresolved conflict finding solace in the afterlife. It invites listeners to embark on a journey of emotional discovery and healing.

In recent endeavors, Jean Rodríguez played a pivotal role in the vocal production of “Quiero Ser un Baladista,” a compelling track by Residente and Ricky Martin, while Danny Flores undertook the role of Musical Director and producer for a Tiny Desk performance by Dominican Republic’s rising star, JNOA.

I had the privilege of sitting down with COASTCITY for PopStyle TV to discuss all things music.

Karly B.: Congratulations on your new Latin R&B hit, ‘AFTER LIFE’ featuring Fabro. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song and how did the collaboration with Fabro come about?”

Danny Coast: “AFTER LIFE” is the follow up to our previous song “Futuro”, both songs have a very Synth R&B vibe, both speak of future romances. What can I say we are lovers not fighters! Although we would fight for love too.  Fabro and Jean had been collaborating together when producing the boy band CNCO. Fabro would sing all of the demos in which Jean would hear on the other end and would ask “Who is this kid, singing these demos? He is amazing!”  Later I was introduced to Fabro while I was in Buenos Aires working with Elena Rose. After a show we met and that same night we wrote 3 songs one of them being “AFTER LIFE”.

Karly B.: You’ve been described as musical prodigies. What do you believe has been the key to your success in the R&B scene?

Danny Coast: Sticking to what we love to write and produce. We still have more ground to cover but we are well on our way

Karly B.: Could you tell PopStyle TV more about your experience working with artists like Ricky Martin and Beyoncé? What did you learn from these collaborations?

Jean City: I think one of the biggest lessons of all I can say is that the more famous they are,  the nicer they can be. At least with these 2 artists here.  They are both legends I respect and grew up listening to.  That saying “be careful what you wish for” it’s so true.  I’m so incredibly blessed to now collaborate and work with so many artists that have influenced my career.  Beyonce made me feel right at home the moment I walked into her studio and Ricky Martin now has become like a big brother to me.  Fun fact, when I was 7 years old my dad took me to meet him and Menudo, fast forward 30 years later and now I share a Grammy win with him. It’s wild.  JC

Karly B.: Danny, you’re currently involved in directing and producing a Tiny Desk performance for JNOA. What can we expect from this performance, and how did this opportunity come about?

Danny Coast: Our previous manager Loren Medina gave me a call a few months ago and gave me heads up that I would get a call from SONY about an artist name JNOA. I thought nothing of it, didn’t know what to expect. Than I got the call, and it was to produce a TINY DESK, I lost my sh$t. Tiny Desk is one of the most challenging performances an artist can do, they perform everything LIVE. No tracks, no special tricks or gimmicks is the real deal. The other challenge is that while JNOA is clearly a superstar, she hasn’t had much experience performing on stage. Nevertheless JNOA crushed the performance. Let put it this way, there were happy tears everywhere at the end.

Karly B.: Jean, as a vocal producer what methods do you use to bring out the best in the artist’s performances?

Jean City: I don’t have a specific method I’d say. Every artist needs a different approach.  In the end my biggest task is to keep them in their best spirits, and make sure the energy in the room is always at its ultimate best.  You learn to gauge every artist’s limits so everything you tell the artist between takes has to be not only very clear and direct but also mentioned in a manner where you’re uplifting them because there’s only so many times you can tell them to sing it over and over and over before their mood starts to change.  Once you break the ice with an artist then it becomes easier and easier because you learn their ways and tempo.  I love bringing the best out of an artist and pushing them to dig deep and explore places and emotions they’ve yet to discover.  My favorite part is seeing the artist’s reaction when I play back the record after I’ve computed and polished the vocals.  I love it.

Karly B.: Can you please describe how your Puerto Rican heritage has influenced your music?

Danny Coast: It influences the way we write, tell stories, and who we are. We are proud to be from Puertorican parents, and to share our heritage to our own families. I’ll invite you all for a Mofongo (Puertorican dish) one of these days in Miami.

Karly B.: What advice do you have for emerging artists looking to make their mark in the music industry?

Danny Coast: WORK HARD and SMART. Perfect your craft and be 100% authentic. Audiences need to know who you are in seconds.  Find a solid team that will support your ideas and that you can connect with like DECENT MUSIC.

Karly B.: Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you can give us a sneak peek of?

Danny Coast: YES!!!! We have an exciting fall full of completing our next album and producing for many global artists.

Karly B.: The music industry has seen significant changes in recent years. How have you adapted to these changes, especially in terms of promoting and distributing your music?

Danny Coast: It’s something that we continually talk about. What sticks out there. IT continues to change and get more dynamic.

Karly B.: Finally, besides possible collaborations, what’s next for COASTCITY? What are your long-term goals and aspirations as a musical duo?

Danny Coast: We want the world to sing our songs. Be loved by our families and pursue my God given purpose to create music

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