Clarity App – The First 24/7 “Relationship Hotline” Just in Time for Cuffing Season

Clarity App founder and CEO Lisa Fei

This cuffing season, Clarity app launches the world’s first and only 24/7 Hotline that lets its users speak to certified relationship coaches, intimacy coaches, astrologers, and psychics on-demand.  Most people seek trusted support when it comes to their relationships, especially during the most crucial moments like amidst a breakup/divorce or after getting ghosted. In challenging, anxiety-fueled times like these, people are in dire need of someone to share and confide in—the right advice and guidance from a professional can make all the difference. 

Up until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated app that caters to love and relationships issues with professional and confidential advice of all ranges: for singles, those in a relationship, situationship, or even married couples. 

Clarity App Fer Da Silva Alex Pita

Alex Pita and Fer Da Silva with friends

In addition to its groundbreaking 24/7 hotline, Clarity app provides a library of free resources and offers everything pertaining to relationships in the palm of a hand. Users can tap into the wisdom of Clarity’s team of world-renowned experts, which include top psychologists from Stanford, a leading neuroscientist from Oxford, a love biologist, sexologists, therapists, matchmakers, breakup coaches, and many others who have joined forces to help the Clarity community throughout every aspect of the relationship journey. As a relationship wellness platform that’s accessible to all, Clarity offers free access to this curated ever-growing content library of 500+ lessons created by the world’s top dating and relationship experts. 

Clarity App Lisa Fei

Clarity App founder and CEO Lisa Fei ( in the middle) with guests

Another popular feature of the app is an anonymous member community where users can safely and discreetly confide and connect with others who can relate. Users can ask dating, relationship and sex questions in a peer-based forum to learn of the experiences of others in similar situations. This expert-led “Conversations” feature allows users to connect with a community to discuss topics that may be too embarrassing to talk about with friends. It’s a safe space to vent and share good, bad, and ugly experiences without the fear of being judged. In the user-generated community section, Clarity’s experts are also constantly chiming in to share their professional advice and valuable insights.

Clarity App Tijana Ibrahimovic, Petar Markovic, Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotakis

L-R Tijana Ibrahimovic, Petar Markovic, Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotakis

As one user notes: “whether you just had an argument with your partner, or feeling tempted to send that text you know you shouldn’t, Clarity’s experts are here to help navigate all of my relationship quandaries. The 24/7 hotline is perfect for those times when I’m in need of immediate answers from someone that will be compassionate about my feelings and offer advice without judging me.” 

“Relationships are the greatest influence on one’s mental health and workplace productivity. Being in an unhealthy relationship can put even the strongest people in a perpetual state of low self-confidence, anxiety, and depression; in turn, inducing stress and damaging one’s health and well-being,” says Lisa Fei, founder and CEO of Clarity. 

“A thriving love life impacts every facet of one’s life, including their ambition and work performance. Studies show that being in a healthy and fulfilling relationship lowers stress levels and increases productivity. Being in a successful relationship not only increases self-esteem, it can enable the courage to face whatever curve ball is thrown your way” says Clarity relationship coach Shauna Harris. 

Dating and relationships are a huge part of life and Clarity delivers a renewed hope for those looking to build healthier, happier, and more fulfilling connections. Clarity can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play

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