The Ultimate Gay Outfit Guide for Inclusive Escapes

Gay fashion! As queer visibility grows, naturally the demand for inclusive travel experiences expands, too. Many vacation hubs now also market themselves as LGBTQ-friendly hotspots, offering inclusive accommodations, especially during Pride month. Gay-friendly destinations are becoming so popular that the LGBTQ+ travel market is now worth over $211 billion annually, according to Out Now’s data. With this surge in both demand and interest, fortunately LGBTQ+ travelers have a plethora of travel options from high-octane gay cruises to quiet beach towns.

If you’re planning your next gaycation, you’re probably wondering (especially first-timers) what kind of gay clothing and travel essentials to pack. From beach-ready speedos to sexy going-out shirts, we’ve mapped out which travel-approved gay outfits are worth snagging from today’s hottest gay stores like Differio. Whether you’re headed for Fire Island or Mykonos, you’ll find useful gay fashion tips for every type of inclusive escape.

Why are LGBTQ+ destinations important?

It’s more than just the destination; it’s the shared sense of belonging. LGBTQ+ destinations are not meant to exclude everyone else. Rather, they offer fun and supportive social experiences that can’t be fulfilled through business networking and dating apps.

LGBTQ+ vacations can also promote visibility in areas that may not have been as accepting in the past. Although most destinations are welcoming to gay travelers, homosexuality is still criminalized in several countries. In other words, gaycations simply take the guesswork out of local laws and customs, ensuring a safe experience for all.

Packing Pride: Travel-Approved Gay Outfits to Consider

Whether you’re sailing on a gay cruise or unwinding at a gay resort, packing the right gay outfits will only elevate your experience. After all, time is money. Instead of worrying about what to wear, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Here are some gay clothing tips so you’ll be ready to embark on your next inclusive escape.

Gay Cruises

Setting sail on an all-gay cruise? From Atlantis Events to VACAYA, these popular gay cruise experiences offer legendary entertainment, LGBTQ theme parties, and incredible excursions. You should keep these activities in mind when you’re choosing which gay outfits to buy and bring for your trip.

Since cruise ships have limited retail access, we recommend bringing versatile gay menswear styles that work for day and night. Pack a mix of casual streetwear for daytime activities and sexy outfits for late-night parties, such as breezy matching sets and trendy men’s rompers. Cruise ships usually have on-board pools and jacuzzis, even pool parties, so don’t forget those sexy men’s swimwear styles, like skimpy speedos and square-cut swim trunks.

gay fashion

Pride Month Getaways

Typically celebrated in June, Pride month attracts millions of LGBTQ+ travelers from around the world. Cities hosting large pride events often see a surge in tourism during this time, especially New York City, São Paulo, and Madrid. From top gay clothing brands to mainstream chain retailers, you’ll also spot all sorts of sponsors at these events (which can also mean parade freebies!).

There simply is no limit to pride-inspired gay outfits. It’s common for parade-goers to wear gay apparel that represents the pride flag, but don’t feel obligated to stick to only rainbow pride outfits. Experiment with various gay men’s clothing styles that are bolder than your normcore ensembles–crop tops, fetish harnesses, utility kilts, micro shorts, and beyond. We also recommend bringing a backpack or fanny pack for the pride parade so you can stay hands-free while still keeping water, ID and money on you.

Urban Gayborhoods

Interested in exploring famous urban gayborhoods, like San Francisco’s Castro District or New York City’s Chelsea? These neighborhoods provide a range of LGBTQ+-friendly events, bars, clubs, restaurants, and so much more. Gayborhoods are also the best shopping areas to find brick-and-mortar gay clothing stores that usually aren’t available in rural or suburban towns–so take advantage while you can!

When navigating urban gayborhoods, this is the best opportunity to dress to impress in stylish gay fashion that reflects the local scene. For the daytime, bring trendy-yet-comfortable streetwear that’s suitable for on-foot sightseeing, such as cargo joggers, bomber jackets, and high-top sneakers. At night, you’ll want to pack nightlife attire appropriate for the bar or club you’ll be visiting, like leather pants, sheer mesh tops, and chelsea boots.

Gay Resorts & Beach Towns

For those seeking a relaxing, sun-drenched escape, gay resorts and beach towns hit all the checkmarks. Millions of LGBTQ+ tourists head over to gay-friendly beaches, available in and out of the U.S. from Fire Island to Mykonos. Even if some destinations aren’t always “all-gay,” sometimes they’ll block out a “gay resort week” to accommodate the GBTQ community.

Aside from gay fashion men’s swimwear, don’t forget to pack a trendy beach cover-up so you can easily move from the beach to tourist areas. We recommend one-pieces, like denim shortalls or male rompers, for an easy one-and-done look. At gay resorts, all swimwear styles are welcomed from swim briefs to board shorts (whatever makes you comfortable!).

Gay Campgrounds & Outdoor Adventures

Love the outdoors? You’ve probably heard of several gay campgrounds by now from Florida’s Sawmill Camping Resort to Pennsylvania’s The Woods Campground. Offering everything from campfire gatherings to outdoor sports, these escapes will take you right back to those summer camp days as a kid.

When packing for a gay camping trip, check what’s provided at the resort since campgrounds vary greatly regarding amenities. More importantly, prioritize comfort and functionality when packing gay fashion for the trip, such as hiking sneakers, meggings, slim joggers, and cargo shorts. In case of unpredictable weather conditions, pack weather-resistant gear, such as raincoats and umbrellas.

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