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Lala Kent, Give them Lala on Lauren Interviews Podcast

Lala Kent

Lala Kent of Bravo’s ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ shows no signs of slowing down! The beauty and entrepreneur released her book, ‘Give them Lala,’ on April 11th, nationwide. Lauren Conlin spoke with her about the show, her new book of course, plus what it’s like parenting with Randall Emmett after the split.

Listen to this special ‘quickie’ episode of ‘Lauren Interviews’ here or wherever podcasts are available! OR read the entire interview below:

Lauren Conlin: Hey Lala.

Lala Kent: Hi Lauren. How are you?

Lauren Conlin: I’m good. How are you?

Lala Kent: I’m good. Thank you.

Lauren Conlin: Well, congratulations on your book. It comes out tomorrow. Um, you must be so excited, but also so exhausted.

Lala Kent: You know what? I say this often; you don’t wanna give someone like me a lot of time….because even though I’m exhausted, I’m like so excited for the paper back. I’ve given birth. The book is fully here!

Lauren Conlin: It’s fully what I, I’m sorry?

Lala Kent: Fully here. I’ve given birth to the book. Hard copy, paper back. We did it!

Lauren Conlin: Yes. I love that. I love that analogy too. Can you do me a favor and just talk a little bit closer to the phone?

Lala Kent: Yes, of course.

Lauren Conlin: Yeah. Okay. That, that sounds a lot better. So, I just was on a group text with all of my girlfriends who are doctors and lawyers, and they are like, we’re obsessed with Lala. She’s the baddest b*tch ever. She is such a badass, such a strong woman…. such an inspiration. So you should feel so proud of that. Because these girls are, they’re kind of tough to please. I’m not gonna lie.

Lala Kent: I mean, just hearing that.. thank you for sharing that because you know, I’m fired up by hard work and just knowing that they’ve taken a liking..

Lauren Conlin: On yeah, no, they were really jealous of me! And they were like, she honestly, she works so hard. She owns the room and she owns the people…. I am probably the only one out of my friends that doesn’t watch reality TV. And it’s interesting because I’m the only one entertainment. I don’t know what that means, but um, they were just like shouting out all these things at me! Now they wanted me to ask you about co-parenting with Randall and how that’s going. Cause I know your breakup wasn’t great.

Lala Kent: Yeah. It wasn’t great. Um, co- parenting yeah, is difficult. Um, we have very little contact I think, it’s best that way. And you know, it’s more like parallel parenting.

Lauren Conlin: Yeah, totally. I feel for you because that just makes things so much harder. I feel like, I don’t know. Parenting is so stressful as it is, especially with young kids and especially like we’re still in a pandemic right now. So you’re, you’re awesome for that. Can you hear me?

Lala Kent: Yes! Can you hear me?

Lauren Conlin: No, I can’t. You keep cutting out. This is so weird. It’s not a great connection, but we’ll do the best we can here. Did you know anything if Randall knew anything about Bruce Willis’s decline, his health decline?

Lala Kent: No, I, I said as much as I knew, um, in the LA times.

Lauren Conlin: Okay. Honor

Lala Kent: Group as many times as I did. Um,

Lauren Conlin: Yes, totally, totally. Now, Lala, what has been the most challenging thing for you this past year between parenting and your book and your podcast and your TV show and everything? What has been challenging thing for you?


Lala Kent: I think just getting to the next level. I mean, I won’t stop until Lala like an empire. So I think just, you know, that where it is, beyond.

Lauren Conlin: Challenging. Yes. Yes. I love that. I, I totally feel the same way you do. Um, just getting your own brand to where you want. I mean, there’s been so many women out there, like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, that people kind of they turn their nose up at them and I’m always laughing. I’m like, these women are actually the smartest women out there. I mean, all of you guys who make fun of them, whatever.

Lala Kent: They’re beyond brilliant. And it is not easy. Starting a brand in general and making it successful. I don’t know how any makes fun of it because it, it’s not easy. I mean, it’s the same way I feel about Kylie Jenner. Everyone thought she had an upper hand, and you know what she probably did. But the fact that it’s now a billion dollar business, I don’t care who your parents are.

Lauren Conlin: I agree with you a hundred percent and something else I always say that people don’t understand; being a mom, I mean, it it’s like everything is on us! Even if we’re not physically doing something with our child, we’re constantly thinking about it. So I feel like our brain is pulled in so many different directions. We never actually have a chance to focus on anything. As a mom, lI always feel like my attention is 20% here, 20% there. And I’m like, wow. You know, if I could just give something a hundred percent, how great would that be?

Lala Kent: No, I know it it’s, even though, you know, I’m, I’m at work; I take moments where I’m like, I’m gonna focus on this but then I’m constantly thinking about what Ocean’s doing. I wonder what she had for lunch. You know, it’s like, it’s nonstop.

Lauren Conlin: Yeah. Mm-hmm it is nonstop. I always say that. And I was interviewing someone last week and he’s a man and an attorney and he’s on, you know, on TV. And I just said, how do you balance your three kids? And he honestly said (and it was so inspiring because the way he gave his wife credit, who’s also a lawyer), but he was like, honestly, it’s my wife. She backs everything when it comes to the kids and it’s like, I can just come in and play with them and make them happy and then kind of go do my job. And I’m not, I’m not belittling fathers at all because they obviously have a very important job, but he was very good at recognizing the job of the mother. So I thought that was cool, you know?

Lala Kent: Yeah. You know, that’s how I feel about my mom. My mom watches Ocean while I know go and work. And I’m like, I know that my child is taken care of when I’m not physically there. You know, I make sure that I, I worked out of my home right throughout the pandemic, but I’m telling you, anyone that’s helping you out… Those people are angels.

Lauren Conlin: I know. I know. It’s so true. I mean, and you’re so lucky your mom is close. Mine is a little further. We always say the babysitters and the nannies in New York City where we are, it’s like, we’re at their mercy. We literally say, Oh- anything you want! We’ll do it! So I can imagine. We’re like anything you need. Oh, you want 40 bucks an hour for one child. Yay. Yeah, no problem, honey. No, , that’s literally how it goes here. It’s so crazy. Now what’s next for you after, after the book, after the podcast, after your show, what is next?

Lala Kent: The book comes out tomorrow as paperback , I’m so excited. Um, and after we wrap the press tour we’re starting on, I would really love to start deep diving into a second book and writing.

Lauren Conlin: Amazing. I love that. And you also have a makeup line too. I don’t wanna miss anything.

Lala Kent: Um, yes, I do. I have a cosmetics line and I’m just, you know, throwing all of this under,’Give them Lala’ umbrella. Um, yeah. The Lala Baby line, will be turning one in May. We’ve had it for year. I started the Lala baby after I found out I was pregnant. I’m so proud!

Lauren Conlin: Yes. I love that so much. I did not that you were developing a baby line as well. That’s adorable and that’s something I think would be so much fun, you know? Not as much work, I mean…everything is work obviously, but that sounds like it’d be very, very fun.

Lala Kent: Fun, because I get to dress Ocean up every day in cute Baby bows!

Lauren Conlin: Yes. Yes. I love that so much. Okay. Now my last question for you, because my sister just texted me and she’s like, I’m gonna kill you if you don’t, um, ask her this.. What’s up with you and James?

Lala Kent: Oh, James is like my ride or die friend. I, I could never be in a romantic relationship with him.

Lauren Conlin: Okay.

Lala Kent: He was, just he’s out there living his best life. I’m so envious of it, but also not… I’m just, we’re just different stages of life. I don’t think of him as someone who would be able to be a stepparent right now.

Lauren Conlin: Now. okay. Yeah. And that’s important. That’s super important. Well, Lala, thank you so much. I don’t know. I, you just cut out. I don’t know if you’re still talking. Sorry.

Lala Kent: No, you’re fine. I’m here. Thank you so much for having me.

Lauren Conlin: Yes, of course. This is the ‘Lauren Interviews’ podcast. Lala Kent, her book comes out tomorrow, ‘Give them Lala’. I cannot wait to read it. You honestly- you’ve won me over. I might start watching it. The show I, I literally might.

Lala Kent: Do it. You’ll be addicted.

Lauren Conlin: Okay. That’s what I hear. That’s what I hear. All right.Well thank you Lala.

Lala Kent: Thank you, babe.

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