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Blood Galore: Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Ad

Kylie Cosmetics – October is a spooky season and Ms. Kylie Jenner kills it every single year! Everyone must see Kylie Jenner’s promo video for her new 2021 Halloween Kylie Cosmetic collection! She is known for doing incredible visuals that are great for marketing her brand! Jenner had a Freddy Krueger-inspired visual, which saw her sensually rub the red liquid all over her skin. Check out the video here!

Kylie Cosmetics

Even though she is currently pregnant, she is still putting in the work. Just last month she also released Kylie Baby which was a hit for all the mothers out there, but this 2021 Halloween campaign takes the cake!

The Kylie X Nightmare On Elm Street collection will have a VHS theme. The packaging is shaped just like a video tape. Some of the colours from the eyeshadow palette are named ‘He’s coming,’ ‘Stay Up Late,’ and ‘Elm Street’ – with red being a core colour throughout. Each of the eyeshadow shades are in deep hues, which are all beyond perfect for spooky season.

Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Ad

Image From Metro UK -Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner’s new  A Nightmare on Elm Street 🔪🩸is fully releasing on October 12 just in time for Halloween!

It’s eerily beautiful! 🖤👻🎃

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