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Nail Trends to Try Before Summer is Over

Nail trend to try! As you know, TikTok has been our saving grace with keeping up with all these new trends! One particular trend that has flared up is nails! We love to pamper ourselves and get a mani and pedi, but why not make it fun! Here are 3 nail trends you need to try before the summer is over! 

#1 Hailey Bieber Nails or “Glazed Donut Nails” Nail Trend 

Bieber broke the internet when she shared a little secret about her nail color! It went absolutely viral, and it became so popular that people began to do their spin on it as well! To get this look you’ll need: OPI’s GelColour in Funny Bunny and Chrome Effects powder in Tin Can Man. 

nail trends

Image From Elle

#2 Mini Nail Art

This design is perfect for those who get extensions or have short nails! Any thing in mini is so cute- so before summer ends play around with micro nail designs! For this look you’ll need: A light base color and a mini design in a pop of color. 

#3 Air Brush Nail Trend 

We love being flawless so why not be flawless with your nails as well! The airbrush affect is something that has slowly gained popularity over the summer! To achieve this nail design you’ll need: 2-3 colors and an airbrush machine! 

You still have time to try something new! Please give 1 of these 3 nail designs a chance- It won’t disappoint!

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