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9 Beauty Myths Debunked

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From self-proclaimed self-care gurus on YouTube to popular influencers on TikTok, there are so many myths when it comes to beauty. There are brands out there that attempt to deceive consumers with clever yet completely legal marketing claims. There are plenty of people in the beauty industry that will attempt to sell products or treatments that don’t deliver what they’re claiming to deliver. While there are plenty of myths out there in the beauty world, to get started here are nine common beauty myths debunked.

1.“More Expensive Products Means Better Products” — Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to purchase expensive designer beauty products to get good-quality beauty products. If you’re looking for clean beauty products, there are plenty of brand names out there that provide quality products at affordable prices.

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2.“All Organic Skincare Products Are Better” — Be wary of any claims that skincare products are natural or organic. Just because a product is labeled as organic or natural doesn’t mean that they’re actually made with better ingredients. Some companies are notorious for practicing greenwashing: misleading beauty consumers by giving a false impression of how a company’s products seem environmentally sustainable. If you’re looking for vegan beauty products, do research on the brand that you’re buying from to make sure that they’re not making false claims about being animal-friendly and not testing on animals.

3.“Eye Creams Aren’t Necessary” — You may have heard that eye creams are a waste of money. Here’s the truth: the skin around your eyes is thin, sensitive, and fragile. That means it’s the first place on your face to normally start to develop any noticeable signs of aging. While traditional moisturizers are usually too heavy to treat this sensitive area around your eyes, you can use eye creams that are specially formulated to target this fragile area.

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4.“You Don’t Need Additional Sunscreen on Your Face” — Plenty of concealers and liquid foundations nowadays come with sunscreen already in the formula. Just like you usually want a separate shampoo and conditioner, you’ll also want to use sunscreen with SPF strong enough to protect your face from both UVA and UVB rays. Layer a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your face first thing in the morning, and then put on your makeup.

5.“There’s No Need to Wear Sunscreen During the Winter” — On that note, you might currently only apply sunscreen during the sunny summer months. The reality is that the sun is actually harsher during the winter. That means that you can’t stop wearing sunscreen just because it’s cold outside. You should wear sunscreen on your face, even on a cloudy winter’s day.

6.“Your Face Should Feel Dry and Clean” — You know that squeaky clean feeling that you sometimes get when you scrub your face with exfoliant, wash it even more, and dry it with a nice, warm towel? The truth is that if your face feels dry and clean or simply a little too squeaky clean, chances are that your skin is dried out. You want to make sure that while your face feels clean, it isn’t too dry, either. Make sure you moisturize your skin. Don’t use water that’s too hot. Warm or lukewarm water is fine when washing your face. You may also need to play around with different products until you find the ones that are right for your face. Not sure where to start or feel overwhelmed by all the different options out there? Try a clean beauty box subscription to get a monthly supply of new beauty products delivered to your door. That way, you’ll be able to try different options until you find a brand and product you love.

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7.“The Larger Number of Beauty Products You Use, the Better” — Another beauty myth. Just because you’re using more beauty products doesn’t mean that it’s better for your skin and hair. Not everyone needs to wash their hair every day. Instead, it’s about the consistent frequency of using the products and about the quality of the products you’re using. You should stay away from hair products that are made with low-quality ingredients and use products such as clean hair care products instead that are made with better, high-quality ingredients.

8.“Pores Can Open and Close” — According to Harper’s Bazaar, pores don’t actually open, close, or shrink. The actual size of your pores doesn’t change, no matter how many times you try facial steaming or pore-minimizing creams. While pores may appear to be widening or shrinking, the actual effect and appearance are only temporary. To best address clogged pores, you can use products with salicylic acid, which loosens clogs. The salicylic acid, also known as a beta hydroxy acid, binds to the oils and sebum congesting your pores, and this helps minimize the appearance of clogged pores.

9.“People with Oily Skin Should Strip Natural Oils Away” — If you have naturally oily skin, it’s a sign that your face is overproducing oil or sebum. If you’re stripping away your natural oils with harsh cleaners, it can actually cause your skin to do the very thing that you don’t want to do. You don’t want to strip away too many of your natural oils. It can make your oily skin even more oily. Instead, add good oils to your skin to help control and balance out your skin.

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