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Nail Polish to Match Your Zodiac Sign


While it’s definitely not crucial to use astrology as inspiration or your manicure, it can add an extra layer of fun — and we have a ton of ideas for your next at-home polish job or for you to take to your nail tech. Each one of the 12 signs of the zodiac have different qualities, many of which can be aesthetically communicated. For instance, Cancer is an emotional water sign ruled by the moon, so it’s associated with shimmery silvers. Aries is a fire sign ruled by warrior Mars, so they can pull off a bold red like nobody’s business.

Just like your zodiac sign, your manicure also says a lot about who you are! Whether you tend to stick to an infinitely versatile nude hue or prefer a punchy pop of color and glitter embellishments, there is a color for you. In fact, the nail polish shades we find ourselves continually attracted to may actually be rooted in the cosmos, according to some astrologers.

Read ahead to find out your mani-scope for the upcoming holiday season.


Aries are very passionate people. They are born too lead and aren’t afraid to make a statement! An Orange- Red color from Essie called Geranium is perfect !

Image From Essie


Play up your creative and romantic sensibilities with this lovely shade of pink! The generous and determined bull will do just about anything for someone they love, but they’re not fond of abandoning their routines and pushing out of their comfort zones. Try this Dior shade called Tr La La

Image From Dior


Flirty, chatty, Gemini needs a nail color that pops as much as their personality. Yellow corresponds with the sign, so try a bright and bold version, such as Nail’s Inc’s Living Your Best Life

Image From Allure


Cancer, you’re one to unconditionally open your heart to those you care about. And now, you’re hoping to receive a bit of the love you constantly give to others. Astrologists believe that, for you, the color purple will open the door to that much-needed TLC. More importantly, the hue might encourage you to give yourself some love and affection, too. Ella + Mila’s Lilac Luster is the color for you! 

Image From Opera’s Daily


An opulent sign ruled by the sun, and these wild cats expect to shine just as brightly. Leos are the center of attention without even trying, and will feel like themselves with a sparkly gold nail. Try Butter London’s Gold Rush

Image From Butter


We know you tend to overthink matters, Virgo, so don’t add the pressure of finding the perfect nail color to wear. This light gray is a no-brainer. famous for its organization and attention to detail, Cocktail Bling is the color you need. 

Image From Essie


Libras are known to love being in love, and find comfort in relationships (and flirting, and crushing). With this pearlescent pink, you can pay homage to your open and tender heart. Just be careful who you give it to. Libras are natural-born tastemakers that like to have fun and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. While these flirts can be quite the heartbreakers, they are also the sign of balance and relationships.  Try Unbreak my Heart by Deborah Lippmann


Image from Deborah Lippmann


The zodiac says that Scorpios have an endless sense of curiosity and manage to maintain a sense of mystery, despite their passionate demeanor and investigative nature. This sultry dark red shade evokes all three of these traits and looks killer on just about any skin tone. OPI’s Got the Blues for Red is a winner! 

Image From OPI


This fire sign has a knack for adventure and highly adaptable to whatever comes their way, making them the most well-traveled sign in the zodiac. This spunky blue-periwinkle from Olive + June call CNH is versatile enough to match with endless outfits but is much more exciting than a neutral-toned nude.

Image From Style Castor


Capricorn is a hardworking Earth sign that makes fantastic business people. While they’re often called conservative and can be highly responsible in their professional lives, don’t mistake them for boring. Try a glam green such as Marc Jacob’s Beauty Nail Polish in Jealous Gaze

Image From Marc Jacobs


Aquarians are unapologetically independent and oftentimes, fiercely analytical. While their admirable self-motivation is undoubtedly virtuous, the sign also appreciates order and disdains anything overtly flash. Try this bit of pop but still rational color from Jinsoon’s Charme

Image From Allure


Fluid and intuitive, Pisces is ever-changing, like the waves of the ocean. This season, you’re growing in ways that you can’t even imagine. All the more reason to wear a Little Mermaid-approved nail color. Wear this sparkly green nail polish, and prepare to get lost in your dreams. This color is What The Sea Shell from Anthropology 

Image From Opera Daily

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