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UNPLUGGING Starring Matt Walsh and Eva Longoria

Matt Walsh and Lauren Conlin

Matt Walsh and Eva Longoria star as a married couple who decide to go on a “getaway” without any electronics in order to repair a dull relationship. Sounds romantic, right?  No kids, no phones, no social media – only clean fresh air and lots of romance! HA if only.  Fast forward to bad edibles, crazy dogs, getting lost and other non-romantic events this trip has surely taken a turn for the worst. Written by Brad Morris & Matt Walsh and directed by Debra Neil-Fisher, the film promises the laughs that we all need in our lives right now.

Lauren Conlin spoke with lead actor, producer & writer Matt Walsh about the film and more. ‘Unplugging’ is in theaters  April 22nd,  and on demand April 29th.

Lauren: Hello everyone. It’s Lauren Conlin from POP Style TV. I am here with Matt Walsh who stars in the upcoming film Unplugging. I for one I’m so pumped to see this film. Matt, I need to tell you something really important. Are you ready?

Matt Walsh: I’m ready, Lauren.

Lauren: Okay. Are you ready? I’ve known about this film because I am friends with Brad Morris. We did Compound media together. We had a great time. I got him super drunk after he’s kind of a lightweight, but you know, it’s fine. But I’m just so excited to see it. It’s so relatable. So Matt, tell me about the inception of this film Unplugging. It’s like you guys have been working on this.

Matt Walsh: Uh, I pitched it to my friend, Brad Morris, uh, and it was a rough idea of what would happen if there was a soft apocalypse, meaning we had everything, we needed our food or shelter and everything, but we didn’t have screens.

And then from that, we started to explore the concept of how integrated we are with technology. And by the end of the movie and our story, you have two people who simply got off wifi, put their phones down. And by the end of it, they’re so paranoid. They think that China has hacked the power grid of the United States and the whole West coast of America is dark.

Lauren: That’s amazing. I mean, I, for one, I start shaking after 30 seconds when I can’t find my phone. Isn’t that so sad. I certainly kind of not knowing what’s left. What’s right. It’s just, it’s insane. Um, but Eva Longoria plays your wife. I mean, I’m wondering like, you know, you’re a Mississippi 8, what’s it like to kiss like an LA 10?

Matt Walsh: Wow. I love the Mississippi 8. I’ll take it. Ah, I’ll take it. Yeah. I mean, she is a, she’s a classically beautiful woman. So it is funny to imagine her marrying a guy like me, but it’s a comedy.

Lauren: So, uh, for the record, I think you’re very handsome. I actually, I just like to talk shit, but I think you’re very handsome,

Matt Walsh: But anyway, but there’s also a world where if somebody is funny enough, they can have a beautiful spouse. Right. That’s all true.  Yeah. Um, it was wonderful and she’s also a gamer. Like she came down to our little indie movie. And on day one, she was in the trenches. You know how it is like working long hours getting dirty. There’s not, there’s no trailers, there’s no comforts. We’re just in Oklahoma getting to know each other fast.

And she was like beyond being talented. She was in the spirit of like, let’s make a funny movie and do whatever it takes.

Lauren: Yeah. I mean, I cannot imagine a better cast for a movie like this. Honestly, I’ve been talking about Unplugging just because as soon as he told me, I’m just like, this is what we need. And it’s very interesting that nobody has come out with a movie like this, because this is what we need in the society right? We need to see it

Matt Walsh: It is very relevant and it is like something everybody struggles with. Like, we don’t want to look at our screen time. Anybody with children is constantly knocking the iPad out of their hands or even their spouses. When they are on date night, somebody is always picking up the phone and you’re not giving someone your full attention. So it is relevant. And I want to hear from you once you see it, because, uh, I want to know your take.

Lauren: Yes. No, I’m, I’m honestly, I’m so excited and it’s very interesting. I, for one, I give my kids the iPad all the time. It gives me some free time, but you know what else, Matt? I will tell you. I’m so excited for you. You sold UCB. That’s incredible. I’m super happy to see what you do next with your career, because you are a very, very talented comedian actor, producer ,writer. So I look forward to it. Thank you again.

Matt Walsh: You’re sweet. You’re the sweetest.

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