Sparkling Success of Le Grand Courtage

Le Grand Courtage

Le Grand Courtage has emerged as a beacon of sophistication and celebration. Founded by Tawnya Falkner, this renowned brand has captured the essence of French finesse and American flair, redefining the art of sparkling wines. Recently, an enchanting Galentine’s brunch affair at Arlo Williamsburg showcased the exquisite offerings of Le Grand Courtage. Hosted by Tawnya Falkner herself and vibrant ladies Blaine Ashley, who is the founder of New York Champagne Week and The Fizz is Female who you might better know as @champagneblaine and Cara Alwill, an author and host of Style Your Mind podcast, aka @thechampagnediet  it was just a perfect celebration of love.

Le Grand Courtage Arlo hotels

Le Grand Courtage, which translates to ‘the great courtship’ in French, embodies the spirit of festivity and connection. Tawnya Falkner’s vision was to create accessible yet luxurious sparkling wines that could elevate any occasion, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. With a meticulous blend of tradition and innovation, Falkner has crafted a portfolio of sparkling wines that epitomize excellence.

The brunch at Arlo Williamsburg served as a testament to Le Grand Courtage’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Amidst the chic ambiance, delicious welcome cocktails and convivial atmosphere, guests were treated to a symphony of flavors and aromas, curated to delight the senses. From the crisp Brut to the luscious Rosé, each pour revealed layers of complexity and character, inviting patrons on a journey of indulgence and delight.

Each sip added depth and diversity to the culinary experience. As glasses clinked and conversations flowed, it became evident that these wines were more than libations; they were catalysts for connection and celebration.

Blaine Ashley, Tijana Ibrahimovic, Tawnya Falkner, Cara Alwill Le Grand Courtage Arlo

Blaine Ashley, Tijana Ibrahimovic, Tawnya Falkner, Cara Alwill

At the heart of Le Grand Courtage’s success lies Tawnya Falkner’s unwavering passion and perseverance. Her journey from corporate America to the vineyards of France is a testament to the transformative power of vision and determination. Falkner’s commitment to authenticity and innovation has not only propelled Le Grand Courtage to international acclaim but has also inspired a new generation of wine enthusiasts to embrace the beauty of sparkling wines.

As the brunch drew to a close, it was clear that Le Grand Courtage, alongside our hosts, Tawnya Falkner, Champagne Diet and Champagne Blaine, had left an indelible mark on the palates and memories of all who attended. In an age defined by fleeting trends and superficial indulgence, these wines stand as enduring symbols of elegance, sophistication, and joie de vivre. In every bottle, there lies a story—a story of passion, craftsmanship, and the timeless pursuit of pleasure. We loved our party favor, mini with bright aromas of fresh strawberry, raspberry and pomegranate combined with notes of lilac and violet. Just as the label says: Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept all Invitations.

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