Narcotic Delight: A Sensuous Shot of Provocation – The New Fragrance by Initio Parfums Privés

Narcotic Delight is the latest masterpiece in Initio Perfumes carnal blends collection – A Symphony of Desire and Seduction!

Initio Parfums Privés transcends traditional perfumery by creating fragrances as objects of power. Rooted in the mystical and scientific, the brand’s creations are designed to trigger attractions and impulses, embodying the philosophy of perfume as alchemy. Functionality is key when selecting an Initio fragrance – what and how do you want to experience it, are the questions.

Initio introduces its latest addition to the Carnal Blends, NARCOTIC DELIGHT. This fragrance encapsulates Initio’s vision of creating scents that stimulate the senses, emotions, and imaginations of the wearer. With NARCOTIC DELIGHT, Initio pushes the boundaries of functional fragrance, emphasizing the science behind seduction. The key lies in the overdose of Hedione, a compound known for its ability to activate the pheromone receptors, thus acting as an aphrodisiac.

Narcotic Delight Initio Perfumes

Named after the Greek word “hedone” for pleasure, Hedione enhances the longevity and radiance of the fragrance. This innovative approach in “NARCOTIC DELIGHT” not only offers an alluring scent but also a unique experience that awakens real emotions and effects in both the wearer and those around them, showcasing Initio’s commitment to crafting scents that provoke an emotional and physical response.

NARCOTIC DELIGHT captivates through intoxicating notes of vanilla bean, pink pepper, cognac, and cigar smoke, intertwined with a delightful twist of juicy cherry. This fragrance is an incandescent elixir, embodying the essence of desire and obsession.

Narcotic Delight Initio Perfumes

About INITIO Parfums Privés: Launched in 2015, INITIO was born in France from the desire to restore the Power of Scent and to introduce people to the effective power of fragrances. By merging the wisdom of ancestral knowledge with advances in science, INITIO offers a neo-perfumery that combines functions and emotions, through singular, radical, and skillfully addictive creations. INITIO offers fragrance experiences through four collections with transformative powers: Carnal Blends, Hedonist, Black Gold Project and Absolutes. Worn alone or layered, INITIO’s creations elevate and magnify the essence of the wearer. Another dimension of Perfume to access a new dimension of being.

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