All is fair in love and fashion: Haute Couture spring/summer 2015

Unlike men’s fashion, women’s fashion can be a little… Exaggerated. Sometimes it’s not about which designer has the best designs, but whose designs stand out the most. The Haute Couture 2015 spring/summer fashion shows in Paris embodied this phenomenon. Here are some of our favorite shows in Paris filled with both fashionable and not so practical (or sane) looks. However, when you are a famous super model, even a black trash bag can look chic.

One of my favorite designers this year was Valentino (not just because we share the same name). Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli designed a beautiful collection of multifaceted highly embellished lace gowns and evening dresses. Each design seemed almost poetic and strikingly complex the closer it drew near. Some of the clothing were covered in Russian-inspired naïve embroideries and featured smocking waistlines or bustier peasant tops, which radiated a historical feeling. I thought some of it was a little extreme and better fit for the women of Downton Abbey. Chiuri and Piccioli also included velvet dresses, which swayed into a more timeless look.

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Now lets take an alien journey through the past ideas of the future to reach the point of today. No, I am not offering you any pot, but this was the theme of the Christian Dior fashion show. Raf Simons, Artistic Director of Christian Dior, claims to look at the “romance of a near past, when space-age and mind-expanding ideas of a future felt full of possibilities for society, pop culture and fashion” (maybe he will offer you some pot). Whatever this might exactly mean, the Dior collection combined retro with modern and featured an original array of classic, bizarre, and colorful looks inspired by the 1960’s. The collection included long, loose and transparent trench coats worn over embroidered mini-dresses, flared mini skirts, jumpsuits, bodysuits, and dresses. Colorful striped designs and geometric prints were heavily used in this year’s collection. Dior also matched neon colored thigh-high latex boots with go-go style mini dresses. Some of these looks could be reused if they ever make a contemporary, more fashion-forward remake of Zenon.


            The Maison Margiela collection like previous years was more of a conceptual and creative affair, rather than commercial. By far one of the most different and bizarre shows. It also featured the ultimate Haute Couture seating, as the entire audience was in the front row. Margiela took my black trash bag comment too literal and forced a model to wear a burlap sack down the catwalk. A model also sported a bold green coat that looks like it swallowed her whole. A few male models also walked in the show, wearing dresses, heels, and slight make-up (I guess even guys like a more natural look). This was a bold move and embraced the gender fluidity that is now playing a theme in fashion. John Galliano made his return to the fashion industry as the new Artistic Director of Margiela doing what he does best, shocking the fashion industry. Although, in past shows Margiela has turned everyday objects into Haute Couture, Galliano employs a seaside theme and masks that are particularly haunting. The show featured many looks that might not be practical, comfortable, or rational, but they are all very creative and beautiful, which is what Haute Couture is all about.

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photos: fashion week daily, nowfashion and Dior



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