5 Work From Home Or Casual Office Wardrobe Items For Guys

Whether you’re still working from home or are back at the office, one thing is clear – the dress code is much more casual than ever before. We’re not sure if we’re going back to super formal attire soon or ever, at least not for the daily, so it’s time to rethink the way we dress for work. 

For men, this can mean either liberation or an additional fashion hurdle. Putting on a suit every morning seems easy, so what to do if it’s not required anymore? Firstly, relax; it’s easier than it might seem. Secondly, keep reading.

Here are 5 WFH or casual office wardrobe items for guys:

Denim trousers

Usually, denim is a tricky choice as you run the risk of looking way too laid back or like you’re supposed to be in school. However, in current work conditions, jeans are a great middle-ground between sweats (yep, it’s time to say goodbye) and chinos or slacks. If you’re working from home, it doesn’t really matter which color you’re going to choose, but we recommend black or dark blue for the office. Jeans will work great with a simple t-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirts and a cardigan. 

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Crewneck sweatshirts

Crewneck sweatshirts are the perfect choice for work as long as they’re in good shape and clean. Most guys will tell you that dress shirts restrict movement and aren’t really comfortable to wear for eight or more hours a day. So if your living room is your office, or you’re one of the three people at your company’s office, just skip it and wear a crewneck sweatshirt. According to, crewneck sweatshirts are basic in the best way: cozy as a campfire on the beach, never not wearable, and an integral part of menswear history. Opt for classic colors such as grey, black, navy, maroon or even white and pair with dark denim. Isn’t this new work uniform awesome?

Photo courtesy LLBean

Unstructured blazers and cardigans

Wearing a suit at home might seem like an overkill, so replace it with an unstructured blazer or a cardigan. The unstructured blazer will work perfectly for a casual day at the office or if you need to take a meeting. It’s looser, more relaxed, and so much more comfortable than a sports coat or a suit jacket. You can also opt for lighter colors and patterns.

When it comes to cardigans, they’re just a more comfortable and softer version of a blazer, in our humble opinion. Haven’t thought about it this way? How about them apples! Cardigans and unstructured blazers are much easier to style and doesn’t require dress shirts (phew!). Simply choose a nice, high-quality t-shirt like the crew necks from Fresh Clean Tees, and voila, your outfit is done!

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Long sleeve polos

Long sleeve polos are a somewhat forgotten classic, maybe because there are so many terrible knock-offs! But this is yet another one of those perfect “in-between” items for when you want to be comfortable yet a little formal. So yes, ideal for working from home or in a casual office setting. The long-sleeve polo best is perhaps the perfect smart-casual piece. Its clean lines and the addition of a collar give off a smart, refined feel, yet the softer material and cut ensure it never comes across as stuffy.

Casual or house shoes

If you’re not wearing a suit, you surely don’t need to wear shiny Oxfords either. And that’s wonderful because you can finally don your favorite sneakers (canvas, lifestyle or leather sneakers will work best) to the office or get comfy house shoes. And hey, house shoes are not exclusive to your home, so bring those bad boys for a change at the office. Our favorites are always comfy moccasins.

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