Fall Fashion Essentials

It’s that time of year again! The smell of pumpkin spice permeates the air, as every empty lot becomes a Spirit Halloween, fall is upon us. Another staple of the season is the gateway into the warmth of warmer clothing. After copious research through different articles and runway shows, we’ve compiled a short guide of four fall fashion essentials to keep you on-trend and top of your game. Whoever said the pandemic has to stop your style from looking current?


Courtesy:; Speed Junction Platform Sneakers by Anthony Wang; $74

By no means only limited to fall, the past year has brought platform shoes to the limelight in memorable ways, such as platform crocs. Additionally, recent months have seen a major increase in the everyday wear of platform sneakers and boots. Whether you’re learning to skate or on your way to work, these shoes provide a lovely alternative to your standard sneaker with (most of) the same mobility.

Faux Fur Jackets

Courtesy:; Drawstring Detail Pocket Front Teddy Hoodie; $12

Faux Fur as a whole has become such an important fall trend, but more specifically faux fur jackets (especially hoodies) are quickly becoming 2020 must-have. Providing all the comfort and warmth of a blanket, with all the freedom of a standard jacket, this garment is sure to become one of your casual wear favorites.

Plaid Bottoms

Courtesy:; Yellow Plaid Pants with Detachable Chain; $34.90

The resurgence of the punk aesthetic to mainstream fashion is no secret. In fact, all it takes is one quick to your local mall or park and you’ll see what I mean. Even for those who don’t want the full fantasy, one aspect of this style has become heavily favored: The Plaid Bottoms. Pants, skirt, you name it and it exists and has made quite the appearance this season. 

Masks, Masks, Masks

Courtesy:; PowerPuff Girls Face Mask; $20.99

Let me preface this by saying, while I am recommending different styles of mask to keep your days interesting, the mask itself is a must. Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of a pandemic, so do yourself and others a favor, by wearing a mask and distancing. Safety first! It’s very easy to simply throw on a black mask and call it a day, but instead let your personality shine through with custom or themed masks. Need some help finding a store: Try for your mask needs.

Cover photo courtesy: MNH Entertainment

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Elijah Oshinnaiye is a freshman at NYU studying for a BFA drama. Elijah is also an activist, an actor, and a fashion journalist.
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