Why Is Everyone Losing It Over Telfar?

Telfar is the hottest Black-owned luxury brand that’s caught the eyes of thousands within the last couple of months. But why the sudden surge to celebrity status? Obviously, social media.

Establishing his company in 2005, Telfar Clemens recently found a boost of support. During the height of Black Lives Matter protests, many consumers searched for small businesses to support—especially ones Black-owned. Fashionable activists discovered talented black designers, Telfar arriving at the scene right on time. The label sells unisex bags, clothing, and accessories. Using the omnipotence of social media, many companies reached new and larger markets. Telfar chose to cater to everyone.

“It’s not for you — it’s for everyone.”

Telfar sold-out almost immediately. Everyone’s Instagram-worthy pictures with their new bags were enough promotion for the company. So much so, customers are still waiting for a restock. Bags were flying out of shopping carts also because of Telfar’s accessibility. Their slogan on their website is, “it’s not for you — it’s for everyone.” It’s as if the brand oozes compassion. The company’s highest priced product is a $257-dollar large tote. In comparison, the popular Dior tote bag can run as high as $3,050. Not to mention, their bags are 100% vegan leather.

Telfar didn’t account for the greediness of resellers, however. Similar to sneaker fanatics, people are willing to make a profit. Mostly men were buying five or more products at a time. Making a profit off of a smaller-scaled Black business was looked down upon. Especially one that brought joy to every person supporting it.

Therefore, Telfar rectified the onslaught of mass purchases by allowing pre-orders. This included a 24-hour window of unlimited access to their products. But after orders were placed, processing would be alerted of bulk orders. So, true customers were more likely to receive the items saved in their carts.

And the popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. They’ve recently announced on Twitter an upcoming collaboration with the Australian-brand UGG. The two fashion brands will release these products in 2021. However, the cryptic message only featured a hand touching a fur-encrusted Telfar emblem. A bag collection is an obvious choice. But could they also debut new hats together? Only time will tell, but fans are excited for what’s to come.


In the meantime, people are anxiously awaiting their next restock. It’s expected to feature a new bag in silver chrome and two styles of earrings, debuting September 22nd.

Cover image courtesy of Vogue

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Brianna Ormond is a senior at Rutgers University as a Journalism and Media Studies major, Political Science and Africana Studies double minor. She enjoys listening to music and binging Netflix in her spare time.
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