Natural Remedies to Improve Your Skin

When it comes to skincare, people are often quick to assume that this means cluttering their cabinets with
the latest products whilst they empty out their wallets as a result. However, skincare is actually a holistic
pursuit. It isn’t always about which products you purchase, but it’s also about practices and routines you
uphold, as well as making use of things that you may already have on hand.

Here are some natural remedies to improve your skin:

Homemade Facial Treatments

We recently covered some ‘Easy DIY Beauty Treatments’ which included a facial scrub made with coffee and honey</a> and an avocado mask that works well in cleansing and softening the skin. If you’ve got some extra oats hanging around in your pantries, they can be put to good use in an oatmeal-honey scrub which also includes yogurt and ground sunflower seeds. This helps reduce inflammation, and even functions as an antiseptic. It’s one tablespoon each of the seeds, oats, and warm honey, with the addition of two tablespoons of yogurt whizzed up in a blender. Once you gently scrub it on your face, you just have to let it sit for around three minutes before washing it off with warm water. You will get some slight exfoliation, but not too much to harshly strip your skin. Instead, you’ll have a naturally radiant complexion. If you want to take it a notch further, a bit of coconut oil in its solid state melts smoothly onto the skin for a quick and soothing moisturizer.


People have long debated the connections between orgasms and glowing skin, and experts have actually
backed up these claims. A review by PrettyMe on the best bullet vibrators features advice from health
professionals who claim that masturbation can act as a remedy for stress. It likewise increases your blood
flow and releases endorphins. It’s quite obvious when you are under a lot of stress as the appearance of
your skin suffers, as it’s your largest organ. Through orgasms, blood vessels open up to stimulate collagen
production. OB-GYN Dr. Felice Gersh MD confirms that collagen keeps your complexion youthful and
plump-looking. Remedies that target mood, sleep, and stress relief can all do wonders for your skin. Since
self-pleasure ticks off all of these boxes, Dr. Gersh says that it is the fastest and cheapest solution to
beautiful skin.

An Edible Skincare Elixir

Aside from the recommended eight glasses of water a day, there are a few other beverage options you can
down that have long-term benefits for your skin and overall health. Vitamin C is another collagen-boosting
ingredient, found in fruits and vegetables. If you’re not too keen on eating these in their whole form, cold-
pressed juices are the way to go. An article by Harvard Medical School details that cold-pressed juices
retain nutrients 
more effectively as they are served fresh – without the addition of anything artificial.
Changing up your fruit and vegetable selection can keep it tastier, more nutrient-dense, and more appealing.
You can start with kale, lemon, spinach, cucumber, carrots, oranges, apples, beets, and celery and slowly
discover what combinations you like best. You can also add in some turmeric and ginger for an extra dose of
antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, a digestive aid, and a healthier immune system.

These are all accessible and doable natural remedies to improve your skin. While they may not work
overnight, working them into your routine will not only get you on the road to better skin, but to better health
as well.

Image credit: pexels

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