Halloween-Inspired Makeup Looks

Halloween brings three guaranteed things—candy, costumes, and unforgettable makeup looks. From scary to cute, here are eight beauty looks from Instagram that’s sure to ring in the holiday.


Pumpkins are a staple in Halloween, so it’s no surprise @chenoamariposa used them as inspiration. But the element of “melting skin” helped make the jack-o-lantern creepy.


A popular Halloween character is Other Mother from the classic movie, “Coraline”. Between the eyes and sinister smile, the look is spot-on. Plus, Shaniah transformed her background to resemble a spiderweb.


What if you like “Coraline” but want something more creative? Well, look no further than Naezrah’s adaptation of Wybie. Her recreation of the character went viral on Twitter, amassing over 103k likes and 21.6k retweets. The best part? Every aspect of this look is makeup—no editing required.


For those who enjoy eye shadow, this take on lightning should be on your radar. With only 10 products mentioned, makeup enthusiasts could recreate this stormy look. Plus, you don’t have to alter your other makeup—like foundation.


Who says your costume has to be scary? Francesca’s Raven-inspired makeup look is suitable for all ages. Between the vampy lip and eye shadow, the “Teen Titan” character was brought to life.


This holiday embraces “out-of-this-world” costumes, so it’s only right that your makeup follows suit. Amy went full Martian on her makeup look as an alien.


It’s not Halloween unless there’s a skeleton nearby. Braydon’s ghastly take includes a glowing contact and a hand-painted heart. It also resembles Evan Peters on “American Horror Story”.


Sometimes the best looks are the most simple. @snitchery accomplished her “Kill Bill”-inspired beat with a neutral base and pink-toned lippy. But the standout is the fake blood “dripping” from her eyes.

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