Celebrity Couples Going Strong in 2022

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Valentine’s Day makes us think of a great true love. Whether you are searching for one or hoping to keep the one you’ve got we took a look at some of the celebrity couples going strong and we think will make it throughout a calendar year.

Bennifer 2.0

It may be strange to see the hottest couple of 2002 back together. Prior to reuniting with Affleck, Lopez was in a relationship with former baseball all-star Alex Rodriguez which lasted from Feb 2017 to early 2021. As for Affleck, besides his marriage to Jennifer Garner, he was in a relationship with  an actress, Ana De Armas. They met while filming the movie “Deep Water.” Lopez was in contact with Affleck after they initially broke up in 2004 and they always spoke positively of each other.  Given the history and how there was never any bad blood between the two , we believe these two will last this time around.

Ben and Jennifer Love Celebrity couples going strong

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A Euphoric connection

One of the hottest shows on TV may just have an even hotter celebrity couple connection for 2022. “Euphoria” stars Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike have recently confirmed that they are in a relationship after photos were released of the two holding hands together in public.  Instagram post from Fike further confirmed this when he wrote “Happy birthday happy birthday.” Coincidentally, Schafer and Fike’s birthdays are one day apart. “Euphoria” is getting renewed for a third season, it seems likely these two will be together beyond 2022.

Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike

Photo courtesy People

Saturday Night Lively

Kim Kardashian is arguably the most famous person in the world. Having been previously with rap icon Ye, the two are going through a publicly messy divorce. Part of it has been fueled by Ye’s weird vendetta against Kardashian’s latest partner, Pete Davidson. Best known as part of “Saturday Night Live” cast and dating pop icon Ariana Grande Davidson has set himself up as Hollywood’s newest funnyman turned tabloid legend. This match seemed shocking at first but given the amount of publicity they received, it seems this celebrity couple is growing strong.

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Ye

Photo courtesy TMZ

Astro out of this world

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may not be the most likable people right now in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a strong couple. After having their first child Stormi in 2018, Jenner and Scott decided to split up in 2019. They reunited in 2020 while quarantining together. The couple had a second child named Wolf Webster on Feb 2, 2022, and it looks like Scott and Jenner will stay together this time!

Stormi and Wolf Webster celebrity couple baby

Photo courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

The next celebrity power couple?

One of the best couples to form out of the pandemic are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. These two seem to be inseparable. Ever since the release of the music video for Kelly’s song “Bloody Valentine” which featured Fox.They didn’t let the social media backlash stop them from walking red carpets either. Fox was married to producer Brian Austine Green from 2010 until they recently officially divorced. As for Kelly, he was with Sommer Ray for only a month.  Ray accused Kelly of cheating on her with Fox. On Jan 12, 2022, Fox and Kelly  announced that they were engaged. It was all odd since engagement involved the “blood ring”.  However the couple seems strong enough to make it to the altar.

celebrity couple Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Photo courtesy NME

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