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Interview With The Last Survivors Cast

The Last Survivors will be in theaters and on-demand on Friday.  Stars Alicia Silverstone, Stephen Moyer, and Drew Van Acker. Pop Style TV’s Lauren Conlin sat down with all 3!

Film Synopsis:

Last Survivors takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.  Troy (Stephen Moyer) raised his now grown son, Jake (Drew Van Acker), in a perfect wooded utopia thousands of miles away from the decayed cities. When Troy is severely wounded, Jake is forced to travel to the outside world to find life-saving medicine. Ordered to kill any humans he encounters, Jake defies his father by engaging in a forbidden relationship with a mysterious woman, Henrietta (Alicia Silverstone). As Jake continues this dangerous affair, Troy will do anything to get rid of Henrietta and protect the perfect utopia he created.

Last Survivors Cast

Lauren : Hi, how are you? Good. Oh, there you are. Okay. Yeah. Am I waiting for everyone else to join? Oh, gosh, sorry. I did not see you guys. That’s so funny. It’s not on gallery view and that’s my bad. Um, okay, perfect. Sorry about that.

Stephen Moyer: it took 18 months Lauren, to work out how to use them.

Lauren: No, you know what, Steven, you can kiss my ass. Uh, honey, I swear if you would’ve told me in 2019 I’d still be doing zoom interviews I would have slapped you in the face. Um, I really, I can’t believe we’re still doing this, but I like it. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So this is the best looking cast I think I’ve, I’ve seen in a film in a long time. So congrats on that, uh, for that.

Stephen Moyer: At least we get good reviews for that

Lauren: Yeah. Right? No, um, no, it’s honestly, this movie is really good. You guys it’s really, really good. And it has this end of the world genre that is almost relatable at this point. I hate to say it. Uh, I don’t know if you guys felt that, cause I don’t know when you filmed this, but tell me if you felt it too.

Drew Van Acker: Yeah, I think, I think we all did. Yeah. We filmed at the end of, um, at the end of 2020

Stephen Moyer : Interestingly, the script had come to us or we were all three of us were attached way before the pandemic and we were going to be making the movie before the pandemic. So it was actually really interesting finally getting to do the film, um, during this period.

Lauren; Yeah, definitely.

Stephen Moyer: It already had, um, um, a sort of a human human truth to it, the film, but then of course shooting it in these circumstances

Lauren: Yeah. I mean, I would want to kill myself every night after filming. I’d be like, wait a minute. I can’t talk to any other humans on this set. And I can’t talk to other humans in real life, or I can’t see them. This is so depressing. I feel like that would be me, but you guys obviously are professionals. You know how to turn it on and off at the end of the day.

Stephen Moyer: Well, we were all able to be together. And in the, what was that called? Our wagon wheel, a blazing trail. What was it called? The Golden Nugget?

Lauren: The Golden Nugget in Atlantic city?

Stephen Moyer: A place called The golden Nugget on a rainbow top of mountain or something.

Alicia Silverstone: I can’t believe we’re trying to remember the name of the hotel we stayed.

Lauren; Its been two years, but that’s totally okay. Now. Um what was it? That’s actually very important for this movie right now. I have to tell you guys just so all the listeners and all the viewers here, did you hear what he said? So, no. Did you guys do a lot of your own um, I don’t want to say stunt work, but you know, a lot of your own physical work in this film. Because it was very physical.

Drew Van Acker: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, I’ll speak for myself, but yeah, it was, it was very physical when it was cold and it was, um, uh, it was real, it was raining and windy and, um, yeah, we were in it. We were in.

Alicia Silverstone: No doubles credit. There’s no doubles in the film

Lauren: No doubles, nothing. Okay. Is that a normal thing? I mean, I’m not obviously very well versed in, you know, how TV and film works, but I feel like there’s always doubled.

Stephen Moyer: No the budget level.

Lauren: I feel like no, Lauren, you dumb ass. There’s never doubles, but fine. Okay. All right.

Stephen Moyer: Depends on the budget level. We, we were doing all of our own stuff and, um, and very happy to be doing so.

Lauren: Okay. Okay. So, uh, some of my favorite scenes I have to say, or between Drew and Alicia, um, obviously, no, I mean, right. Did you say like, did you sit off set and watch? I would have just been like, oh my gosh, I’m watching this. The two hottest people in the world are doing this right now. I am so into this. I really can’t take it. I mean, those are the best scenes seriously. I mean, Steven, your scenes are amazing too. But

Stephen Moyer: Whatever Lauren, whatever

LaurenI just yet yanked the headset out of my ear, but no, I mean, those must’ve been fun.

Drew Van Acker: Yeah. They were, they were, they were, you know, we’re, we’re very comfortable with each other and we didn’t have a lot of time to kind of get used to each other. But I think as the characters that works, you know, they’re, they’re not, they just, they just kind of met, uh, in this crazy, crazy circumstance.

So for us, um, it, we, we actually, I feel like we’re, we’re weirdly a little bit more comfortable with each other than we thought we would be in that moment. I mean, she’s obviously fantastic. And, um, she was very open and accepting to, to what we needed to do and, and, you know, I think I hope she trusted me and I, I trusted her and we just kind of, um, you know, you just go for it and you just hope for the best for.

Alicia Silverstone: I think Lauren really wants to hear about the sexy. So I’m going to tell her about that. That’s the only thing she wants to hear about. There was the funny thing is we’re in a room, the size of about a bathroom and you’ve got the director. Andrew and I are, I’ve told Drew he needs to take his pants off and I’m going to grab his ass the whole time. Cause I didn’t want to be naked. So, so good. I’m just pulling him into me so that you can see what’s so it looks real sorry, but you know, so you see what’s happening totally. But. Well, but while this is happening, the, um, the DP and director are like huffing and puffing. The whole, they are, it’s a group orgy is what happened.

Lauren: I’d be like, guys, can you shut up? That’s gross.

Drew Van Acker: By the way, she’s not making that up

Alicia Silverstone: Because the room was hot because it was, there’s no space, but also because we’re breathing, I mean, there’s a lot of breath and everybody’s wearing masks

Drew Van Acker: And it was a twin bed.

Alicia Silverstone: Anyway. It was really hilarious.

Lauren: I’m actually sorry guys. I’m processing the fact that you had to do this while probably these overweight, sweaty men are just like

Alicia Silverstone: Actually these two men are very healthy and handsome and young, but they are having like, he’s a, our DP is European. And, um, so he’s just right. Isn’t he? Where’s he from.

Drew Van Acker: I think he’s from Columbia.

Alicia Silverstone: Okay. Sorry. Wrong. But he’s, he’s just like, I’m sorry.

Lauren: That’s all. I, that’s all. I’m picturing. Well, you guys, my time is up right now. I literally could sit here all day. Number one, last thing, actually not number one. I don’t know why I sai that? That kill me, Alicia, your Tik Tok is fantastic. I love when you gave everyone the finger and Stephen Moyer, I would kill If you would just say sookie for me, please just say it.

Stephen Moyer: Sookie

Lauren: Yes, this is the best day ever. Have great rest of the press. Thank you so much.

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