The 6th Edition of Fashinnovation’s Worldwide Talks

The 6th edition of Fashinnovation’s Worldwide Talks, live from Spring Studios presented original discussion panels, keynotes speeches and fireside chats divided in four major pillars: Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Top international speakers included Norma Kamali, Juana Burga, Nicole Miller, Frédéric Fekkai, Bibhu Mohapatra and many others. Panels were conducted by important journalists and editors as well as major executives from the fashion industry.

The special startup pitch competition called “The Next Big Thing” was also one of Worldwide Talks’ main attractions. The winner of the contest was Lex Kiefhaber, CEO of United By Zero, a startup dedicated to making shopping sustainably easier, providing information about the products we buy, their impact and choosing accordingly.

Fashinnovation co-founder Jordana Guimarães about the event

“We were amazed by the high level of the debates and the great power of the knowledge traded in our panels. Also, transmitting live from Spring Studios turned it into such a special moment” said Jordana.

Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks


Here are some of the highlights from Fashinnovation’s 6th Worldwide Talks

Bibhu Mohapatra

The Indian born designer shared fireside notes with journalist and editor Simone Oliver. Mohapatra mentioned that one of the major things about being a good leader is being adaptable. That in a fashion business  you have to know how to be a team player and how to build a good team.

When asked about the pandemic and changes in the industry he said that he sees some shifts, scenario similar to when he started but much more grave since there are actually human loses. “To source mindfully, create mindfully and trace audience that is not about speed but quality and the human aspect you get when you purchase a piece of clothing, and the longevity of it. The story it can tell for a long time, and it becomes your friend: that’s a KEY. Time is the most valuable possession I have and I use it as much as I can to talk to young men and female entrepreneurs, people from different races or immigrants. If I can inspire one person to be on this framework: I’m happy.”

Frédéric Fekkai

Probably one of the greatest hairstylists on the planet, Fekkai affirmed that today, after more than three decades innovating in the business, he’s looking for the most simple and common sources of inspiration, for instance, nature. “Nature has awesome packages for products: look at a nut or a banana. You just can’t beat those technologies.”

Fekkai also shared a special scoop for the Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 6th audiences: a new line of ecological products for hair and style his company will adopt. Frédéric explains:

“It’s frustrating as a hairstylist not to be able to change the hair and not being good to the environment. So, we’re about to launch a new product with an amazing impact for the environment, with saline properties and propolis and with so many great benefits. A new sort of innovative spray.” We can’t wait.

Ozwald Boateng

Successful British designer and brand owner takes tailoring and bespoke style across this century, looking at his roots and moving forward. “Even in these challenging times, I’m still a creative designer who enjoys creativity and creativity is always about the experience of immersion and connection”, explains Boateng. “And design is always about the emotional connection in what you’re doing” he specifies.

The English designer has a very personal approach to the new technologies for the fashion production  “AI for me is an authentic identity: we still need humans in our collections. A lot more personal perspective on everything we produce. Technology has its place, but it’s still a tool. For me, that was clear very early.”

Fashinnovation co-founder Marcelo Guimarães about the event

“We have no doubt that the public gained many positive strategies and ideas that will produce positive changes for the fashion and technology industries in a short period. We can’t wait for our next Worldwide Talks, programmed for next September”  said Marcelo.

Nicole Miller

Founder & Designer with more than 40 successful years in the fashion industry, Nicole Miller shared some important confessions  with teacher and specialist  Marie Driscoll .

“I’ve always been some rebel, kind of like the good-girl/bad-girl designer. They call me the ‘Uptown/downtown girl’, and that has been my designing style too. I think that in those spaces in between identities we can find ours.”

Times have changed for Nicole: “When I started out I thought I competed with other designers, and now the landscape is multi-facet: we compete with actors, influencers, musicians, speakers; so, the challenge has increased and creativity is more important than ever. It’s important to really be focused, develop your identity and don’t let nothing stop you.”

Norah Almuhaidib

Young Saudi founder and designer of Shop at Culture, Norah Almuhaidib  responded to a question about culture  appropriation verses appreciation moderated by Tijana Ibrahimovic for the panel Fashion Is Elevating Cultures Globally & Endeavoring : “The base of it is acknowledging culture. When you have a brand inspired by a certain culture, I think giving credit is very important.”

For her, maintaining ancient traditions visible in colors, textures and dimensions is crucial to differentiate in an integrated world that drives consumers to unification. “My country has the shine of the deserts, and it’s important for me to incorporate that in my designs, because that’s gonna make me different from other brands and creators.”

Juana Burga

Peruvian model, actress, and founder of Nuna Awaq mentioned that, for her, “Fashion is elevating cultures globally because right now we are bringing together not just a trend, but a lifestyle that goes way back from many generations. It is important to educate ourselves, knowing where the products come from. And that is the main focus of Nuna Awaq.”

Speaking of originality, Juana stated that “Today, maybe more than ever before it’s not about copying, it’s about inspiration. We really need to re-educate ourselves as producers, and after that, to work hard to keep ancient cultures out there. So, as entrepreneurs, let’s support the creators and the culture.”

Karin Tracy

META’s head of industry, retail, luxury and fashion, Karin Tracy, was quite emphatic about the future of fashion. “ Metaverse is the next big thing” she claimed. “ What brands are already doing today will still be relevant in the metaverse tomorrow in the sense of multidimensional marketing. Everything you see out in the world will be shoppable, and everything that’s shoppable will be personalized.”

According to Karin many important brands and creators are already inside the metaverse, and this new reality promoted by the metaverse “will be giant, it will get better and we’ll develop it together. So, let’s get ready for this new experiential reality” explained Karin.

Charles Ross

Ross, general manager at Saga Furs North America, recognized Fashinnovation and the opportunity of being part of Worldwide Talks 6th. “Fashionation is a platform really involved in discussing key issues in the fashion industry, like sustainability and innovation, that’s why it’s important for us to be participating here. In our company’s program we combine the values Fashinnovation promotes, so this is a great opportunity to communicate what we’re doing and feel real change.We have to keep on exploring many possibilities to provide transparency and sustainability for the brands and, mostly, for the public. We all have responsibilities with our public and stakeholders to promote the products properly”, indicates Ross, who’s company will complete almost 90 years of existence soon.

He also stated: “We all have a common mission and goal; TO SHARE THE TRUTH, specially about animal origin materials used, for instance. It’s a very exciting part of our new storytelling combining new technology with old crafts, and we’re just starting it.”

Galdenzi , e-commerce Manager at Aeffe SPA/Moschino mentioned their approach “You have to meet people where they are: platforms, media and spaces. We spend a lot of time studying information but we must understand the people’s heart. We must assimilate, first, the person’s CULTURE, to also understand the emotion and go there with our actions. And to be global we must open our minds to diverse cultures in the world.”

Norma Kamali

Legendary designer and entrepreneur participated in a special fireside chat entitled Fashion Is Rebelliousness & Creativity, with journalist Simone Oliver. “Ideas are my FORTE, as a designer and as a writer. It has to be something you do frequently with ease so it’s not a big deal for you. The more you do it the better you are on it. Sometimes I look at what I did and I think what the hell? Allow yourself to make some sh*t . Because bad doesn’t always mean not good, it means that there’s an idea there that still can be massaged or put aside for a few seasons and then look at it like Wow this is really good!”

Norma clearly has an attitude that took her to success: “If someone asks you for a specific work, you must always say YES, I CAN DO THAT, because then you’ll figure it out. And you’ll also be testing what you’re capable of.”

Giuseppe Stigliano, Global CEO of Spring Studios

“In our times of digital transformation time and pace change completely. Presence and localization are no longer the same. You don’t need to be localized somewhere to be present. The metaverse is probably another lever or acceleration of that process, together with cryptocurrency, and NFT’s, and many other topics”

Mr Stigliano continued

“Fashion is the very first sign that something is changing and that there will be an impact in the market. So, change is the only constant and the speed of it will continue to increase. And, yes, we must adapt to the new technologies and ‘you’re there’ but mostly you have to understand people, and which trends are here to stay, are relevant for your target and upgrade your brand in that direction. That’s true for any brand.”

Stigliano manifested a deep gratitude for Jordana Guimarães, Fashinnovation’s co-founder, and informed that Worldwide Talks 6th edition is the first of a series of major productions developed by Fashinnovation inside Spring Studios, because of the recent partnership signed by both companies.

To watch all the panels and learn more go HERE or take a look at our interview with Jordana Guimarães


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