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So You Want To Be On Reality TV?

If there is one thing most Americans aspire to more than fame, it’s being famous for no apparent reason. After all, it is much easier. Just ask the Kardashian herd or Paris Hilton.

On that note, you have decided that it is your time to shine. What could a child named North West possibly have more to offer than you? To hell with her! Wait, what’s that? Your music career isn’t going so well? Those casting directors never seem to call back? You don’t even have an agent? Well, if you are ready to stop being polite… wait for it… and start getting real, reality TV might be your big break, or at least for a solid fifteen minutes. As long as you don’t mind occasionally being humiliated in front of millions of viewers (all for good fun).

Now you are thinking, easier said than done, right? Not to worry, Pop Style TV has you covered. I went undercover to investigate the age old question. Unfortunately, once I was tackled by security for trying to pull off Donald Trump’s hair, I decided that finding out what it takes to be casted onto reality TV might be a little easier. I went online to the Real World casting site, currently recruiting for its next season, which will be filmed in October 2016. They haven’t decided on a location yet. The first application was simple. It asked a few basic questions and for pictures. Lucky for you ladies, selfies are acceptable. I must admit I have been going to the gym regularly and included a shirtless picture in my submission. If the producers are as shallow as the viewers who watch the show, it can only be an advantage.

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Jamie Valentino interviews celebrities and tastemakers in New York City. He serves as POP Style TV's correspondent at New York Fashion Week, Tribeca Film Festival, International Emmys, and other high-level media events. You can also see his work in WIRED, VICE, Houston Chronicle, Xtra Magazine, Canadian Business, among others.
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