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This is Paris: A Review

Her glamorous public life filled with beautiful clothes and extravagant destinations can just about make anybody feel jealous. This is clearly evident in the social media influencers today who continue to follow her footsteps towards fame and attention. Since the early 2000s, people have had mixed reactions about her celebrity status. Many have been quick to judge Paris’s intelligence and character based on her material wealth and public persona. Whether it be as an icon of scandal or fame, it is easy to think that you already know everything about Paris Hilton. But in her latest documentary, This is Paris, she clearly shows that this is far from the case.

This is Paris brings a refreshing sense of realness and complexity to the image of Paris Hilton. Whether you loved or hated her in the past, the film shows what little basis we had to truly judge her. This intimate glimpse into Paris’s life shows that, despite glamour and fame, she is a human just like the rest of us.

A Woman of the World

In the documentary, Paris presents herself to be a woman with a distinct sense of drive and ambition. She demonstrates the professionalism that has allowed her to be so successful as a businesswoman, DJ, and celebrity icon. In fact, many parts of the film seemed to have a rather inspiring effect, especially to female viewers.

While describing some of her obstacles, Paris also offers a painful sense of relatability that can be understood by many women. Even for one of the wealthiest and successful women, the impacts of sexism remain a struggle. Her experiences with bad relationships and unwarranted judgment, among other things, are just all too familiar.

A Shameful Past (For Society)

SlutWalk NYC: Hundreds of women march in protest against ...
Photo courtesy from NYDailyNews

As it touches on some of the notorious moments from Paris’s past, the film strongly brings about a sense of shamefulness from its older viewers. It makes one pause for a moment to reflect on their previous attitudes towards such scandals. Did you laugh back then too? Did you call her a slut too?

As today’s women continue to speak out against the injustices they have faced from men, This is Paris stirs up a need for collective responsibility for how society treats and views women.

A Platform for a Cause

Breaking Code Silence
Courtesy photo from BreakCodeSilence.net

One of the main focuses of the film is in regard to Paris’s experiences at Provo Canyon School. As she heart-wrenchingly retells the source of her trauma, it is hard not to feel utterly horrified by the very existence of such schools.

Some in the comment section, show complete disbelief as they accuse Paris of seeking attention and relevancy. However, many are also speaking out in support and even sharing their own experiences with similarly abusive school systems.  

Scrolling online, one can already see the rippling effect of social media as this movie continues to spark conversations and testimonies. It shows how powerful media influencers, like Paris, can be in bringing awareness to important issues.

Paris Hilton Opens up About Abuse in New Documentary ...
Photo courtesy from Elle Canada

While under the façade of a frivolous celebrity documentary, This is Paris offers a story that uniquely brings real perspective and awareness. It is definitely worth the watch!

Cover photo The Daily Dot

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