Character Style Watch: Euphoria

Welcome back to another character style breakdown! In honor of its 6 Emmy nominations and 3 wins the show featured in this article will be…Euphoria! However, this breakdown will be a little different. Instead of just one character, we’re analyzing 3 of the best takeaways from outfits worn by ANY character in the show. So without further ado, the Euphoria breakdown. 


Courtesy: HBO

If there is anyone deserving of a special wardrobe shoutout it’s Kat. Her fashion journey is truly the epitome of character development. In the picture she’s sporting a mainly black outfit, with a black leather skirt, black mesh-sleeved top with zebra print and baby blue lettering. Then completing the look with a pair or winged sunglasses and a bold lip. 

Takeaway: Looking to be in line with this fall’s trends take notes from Kat. The inspiration isn’t limited to this outfit, if you watch the show you’ll see many instances of her neo-punk style.


Courtesy: @Euphoria on Instagram

Next, we have the queen of festival glam who is known throughout the series for her statement party looks, Maddy Perez. In this photo she is giving us the fully bedazzled fantasy. From the crystal veil down to her fully encrusted skirt, her entire outfit is blinding in the best way. 

Takeaway: The spark of inspiration from this outfit is less the outfit itself, and more the character’s commitment to it. This is an excellent example of the difference that confidence makes with an outfit. As she is dressed very differently from the surrounding prom attendees, you can see her attitude truly sells the look.


Courtesy: @Euphoria on Instagram
Courtesy: @Euphoria on Instagram

Last but by no means is Jules, with her outfits that were on point in every situation of the show; this is no easy feat considering some of the hardships presented in season 1. This photo features Jules in a matching two-piece lavender outfit, a green duster, and a choker to accessorize the ensemble with.

Takeaway: Similar to the takeaway for Maddy’s outfit, this has less to do with these specific outfits and more to do with Jules’ wardrobe as a whole. One thing that is the hallmark of great style is the ability for a variety of distinct outfits to appear cohesive when viewed next to each other. What’s especially noteworthy is Jules’ ability to move through different aesthetics (preppy, grunge, etc.) and still retain a unique perspective that is apparent in each outfit. 

Despite not being featured, all outfits from the show are in some way amazing and inspirational. Additionally, the costume designer for Euphoria, Heidi Bivens, deserves a huge round of applause for the thought and research she poured into each outfit and paid off immensely. 

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Elijah Oshinnaiye is a freshman at NYU studying for a BFA drama. Elijah is also an activist, an actor, and a fashion journalist.
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