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The Diplomat on Netflix Premiere in NYC

All the celebs were out in New York City to celebrate the new Netflix drama, “The Diplomat”. Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell, show runner Debora Cahn and other cast members joined the red carpet to promote the new political drama. “The Diplomat” follows Kate Wyler, played by Keri Russell, as she steps into her new role as US Ambassador to the UK. She’s also married to a fellow diplomat, played by Rufus Sewell. Kate’s diplomatic skills are put to the test as she tries to navigate the complex relationship between different countries as talk of war begins to brew. The series also starring David Gyasi, Ali Ahn, Rory Kinnear, and Ato Essandoh, with Russell also serving as an executive producer on the show. Lauren Conlin hit the red carpet and chatted with the stars of the show; they make a compelling case on why you must watch this show (without your cell phone)!

Lauren Conlin:

I have not seen the show yet. I know that you play Keri Russell’s husband, but I’m going to ask you, are you secretly villainous?

Rufus Sewell:

No, I’m not secretly villainous. I’m actually, I mean, yeah, he’s a complicated guy, but no. I mean, he’s up to his tricks. He might be a little bit naughty.

Lauren Conlin:

Say naughty again.

Rufus Sewell:

He’s a very naughty boy. No, he’s quite a rich chara, they’re all very rich characters and he’s good. I wouldn’t say-

Keri Russell:

It’s really Debora Cahn, though. I mean, this is what she does really well. It’s not one thing, it’s not just a dramatic political intrigue show. It’s a complicated marriage show, and then it gets a little wacky at times.

Lauren Conlin:

I’m just so happy that you’re so nice and humble and, I literally loved you since Felicity, the Mickey Mouse Club, this is amazing to me. My life is made.

Keri Russell:

Oh, you’re very kind. You’re very kind.

Lauren Conlin:

The show as a whole, give me a 20 second pitch on why people should watch it. There’s a lot on Netflix right now.

Ato Essandoh:

Yeah, it is sexy, it is fun, it is smart. It’s a show that you have to pay attention to, so you can’t be like washing the dishes while you’re watching this show. You really got to pay attention to this show and it’s topical. It’s like what’s going on in the world right now and so it’s one of those things that I love. I love a good, smart show to watch.

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Lauren is a New York City based reporter, podcaster and host, with a focus on pop culture news and true crime. She is currently a writer and reporter for Pop Style TV, NickiSwift.com, and Grunge.com. Lauren is also the host and producer of the investigative podcast titled, “Corruption: What Happened to Grant Solomon.” She hopes to reveal the truth behind an alleged cover-up and accidental death of an 18-year-old boy in Tennessee. Lauren is the creator and host of the pop culture, news & crime podcast, “Lauren Interviews.” She has featured interviews with public figures like Joe Exotic, actors like Kyra Sedgwick and Alec Baldwin, plus real housewives like Luann de Lesseps. Lauren previously worked for WABC RADIO, writing news briefs and articles pertaining to entertainment, crime, and politics while also serving as on-air talent. Lauren also hosted a wellness show on WOR Radio in NYC, and then teamed up with 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons for a podcast called “Millennials Revealed.” Some true crime highlights in Lauren's orbit: After a woman named Julia Wandelt came forward claiming to be missing child Madeline McCann in 2023, Lauren went viral for getting the first video interview with her spokesperson, Fia Johansson; discussing whether or not a DNA test was underway. Lauren also revealed brand new interviews and information regarding the deaths of actor Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack in 2020, which lead to her also being featured on VICE TV and Law & Crime. Lauren also made headlines after an exclusive interview with the fiancé of Aaron Carter just days after his tragic death, while also covering Carter’s death as breaking news on Lawrence Jones Cross Country (Fox News). Lauren also reported on the tragic death of Matthew Perry as both breaking news, then as a tribute while on Fox News as a guest. Her interviews and reporting have been covered by People, EW, The Today Show, Perez Hilton, Page Six, Elle Magazine and more.
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