How to Improve Your Winter Mood

With the days shorter and darker, seasonal depression is among us. So how can you improve your winter mood? By taking advantage of the indoors with fun activities! Plus, interior changes can make your space feel brand new. This list will guide you on your way to better days amidst the winter woes.

Lighting Changes

10.4" x 6.4" x 1.1" LED UV Free Happy Light Lumi Therapy Lamp White - Verilux - image 1 of 5
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The sun brightens your day during the summer, so why not mimic it during the winter? Light therapy boxes are great additions to your room. Many can be dimmed or brightened, depending upon your preference. Dawn simulators also imitate sunrise, softly waking you to start your day.

Arts and Crafts

winter crafts mason jar snow globe
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Crafting is one of the best indoor activities. Not sure where to begin? Pinterest is filled with ideas to get your imagination running. This snow globe is a creative decoration that’s perfect for the season.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blanket: Calming Pressure Blanket for Better Sleep | Layla Sleep®
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For a cozy night in, weighted blankets are what you need. These therapeutic blankets are meant to calm anxiety and stress. Plus the weight adds comfort, similar to pressured hugs.

Movie Nights

The optimal way to remotely watch Netflix with friends
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There’s nothing quite like a movie night. Popping some popcorn and binging Netflix is a great decompressor. Not sure where to start? Nostalgic films like Disney movies are sure to improve your winter mood. Holiday-themed movies with hot chocolate are also a great choice this time of year.

New Recipes

How to Plan and Cook Family Meals When You're in Lockdown | WIRED
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A mood booster is as easy as pie—literally. Trying a new recipe could be exciting and keeps you motivated to see the end result. Cookbooks could also become a daily inspiration to try new foods.


Aromatherapy Is A Perennial Wellness Trend -- But Buyer Beware | HuffPost  Life
(Courtesy of HuffPost)

Scent can easily improve your spirits. According to, citrus notes like lemon are proven to boost your body’s level of serotonin. Diffusers and candles are simple ways to bring added comfort to your home.

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