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Ganoza B, The Most Watched in Costa Rica

POP Style TV had a chance to speak to Ganoza B at Igloo Beach Lodge in Costa Rica. He shot one of his music videos at this hotel and is known as an artist with most Youtube views in Costa Rica. Ganoza B is becoming internationally popular and you can often see him in Las Vegas performing.

Interview: by Tijana Ibrahimovic

Edited by: Lidia Goldberg

Tijana: Hey guys, I’m here in Costa Rica. with Ganoza B who has the most views on youtube in whole Costa Rica ! Congrats!

Ganoza B:I am so happy. I’m so happy for that. This is a video with two millions in 11 months for Costa Rica is too many views, so happy. A lot of people love my show. Love my style.

Tijana:So tell me about your style. Tell me why do you think people love watching your videos?

Ganoza B: because I am different. I am a dancer, singer and striper too. At the same time.

Tijana: Stripper too? I think maybe that’s the answer?

Ganoza B: am working in Las Vegas. A male show. The best show in Las Vegas. I am for five years there. And right now this is a fuchion, my own music with my dance and, uh, take it off my my clothes too. And ladies love my show.

Tijana: What did you start doing first? music, stripping. Dancing. What was your first love?

Ganoza B: , my first love is dance for sure. , my parents love is dance for sure.

Yeah. I just started with the other thing. When I have 30 years old, I go to the school for, for learning. I, I dance almost all the ribs different styles, salsa, merenge, cha cha cha Yeah, I dance everything. And later I do model for five years and later, working in the tv for five years too later go to Mexico City.

Tijana: So when we talk about music, what is the style of music that people in Costa Rica listen versus in the United States?

Ganoza B: it’s really different because my style is a fusion electronic and reggaeton.

Okay, this is my kind of music is really different. Why? Because I’m dancer in, in same part of the song is only for dance, sexy dance. take off something, you know,

Tijana: As long as something is taken off!

Ganoza B: So you filmed a video, a music video, at Igloo Beach Lodge , it’s a perfect place to film a video. So tell me about that song and te next one.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure. This, eh, this song is verano, verano means summer,i n Spanish, eh, I make last February, I make here for four days, 17, 17 guys for the crew models and everything we, we make here for four days. Wow. Days for one video of four minutes. And so happy you see it’s right now maybe best video in Costa Rica. Maybe.

Tijana:We have to watch and find out. And so what’s next for you?

Ganoza B: , I, two months ago, I released my new video with my new song. The name is Ese Bikini. This is a sexy tune This is electro reggaeton too. Eh, I make the video in Las Vegas. I already released, uh, on my next one. I find it a perfect model for my next video, because this is special. The name is my drug. Yeah. You see, uh, some lady and this is my drug, you know, they, they meet, this is my, my next one.

Costa Rica is Costa Rica. Yeah. This, this is, this is a really, really nice place. Really green place. Really nice people. Really good vibes all the time. I want to put all this in my music for or the all the world know Rica, we are a really, really small country. We have, uh, five millions people. Its nothing. You can cross, all Costa Rica in fifteen hours.

Tijana: Pura Vida!

Ganoza B: Pura Vida! 

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Tijana is an entertainment journalist and television personality. Born in Serbia, Tijana moved to the United States as an international student. Upon graduating, she worked as a news anchor for the National Television Channel in Serbia. Since, she came back to New York City and has covered high end social events,red carpets, film premieres, and fashion shows. Some of her most noted interviews are with Oscar de la Renta, Joan Rivers, Kelsey Grammar, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Ashanti and many more. She was a regular on Wetpaint’s show, The Tea.
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