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Chef Lamia at an Igloo on the Beach

Pop Style TV visited Lamia Funti at Igloo Beach Lodge in Costa Rica! This eco friendly hotel is truly unique and just minutes away from the beautiful Manuel Antonio Beach in Quepos. Igloos on the beach quickly became very popular locally and internationally. Design and atmosphere are one of a kind and attract international jet set and celebrities.

Lamia Funti at Igloo Beach Lodge, Costa Rica

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Chef Lamia owns and operates a robust portfolio of restaurants throughout New York City – Lamia’s Fish Market, Mykonos Blue, Skorpios and Omar’s.

Tijana: Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit so much wildlife, beautiful beaches. People are wonderful. And now you can say at an igloo on the beach, let me show you around igloo.

Tijana: How did you fall in love with Costa Rica?

Chef Lamia: Um, when I came, when I heard about the business opportunity, I did not know Costa Rica, so when we visited this country I just fell in love with it. It has everything, nature, mountains. The, uh, wildlife great food.

Tijana : So do you think you started an architectural trend?

Chef Lamia: I was doing research. I don’t remember exactly how I came up with the igloo idea, but, um, doing research. Um, I love that idea of being on the beach for me was perfect.  I love it.

Ganoza B

The concept is, is unique in Costa Rica. Well, it’s really, really nice and Lamia is really smart lady. Wow. Makes it so exclusive.

Tijana : So tell us about Casa Planta

Chef Lamia: We are partnered with a world-renowned chef Matthew Kenney, who is amazing. He’s a God of vegan food. 

Tijana: And why do you think people keep coming back to Eagle beach lodge?

Chef Lamia: Um, I think it’s the personal service, the rapport, uh, how we treat our guests. We don’t treat them as customers. We treat them as our  guests, like they’re coming to our home, it is very, very important for us and the personalization.Uh, we always have something nice. When they come in a little note, you know, family, they do feel like part of our family.

Tijana: So for those that are thinking of coming to Costa Rica, what do you say

Chef Lamia: Don’t  think about it twice. Uh, bring sneakers with you and, uh, get ready to be dirty, to get dirty, not to be dirty.

We’ll be ready for you. Pura Vida!

Interview by Tijana Ibrahimovic

Edited by Lidia Goldberg

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