5 Sporty and Chic Summer Looks


Sporty looks are both comfortable and fashionable so to do it right, it is important to pick the right fabrics and mix pieces that are neither minimalist nor over-the-top, but somewhere in between. Here are a few ideas for outfits to be stylish and sporty this summer.

Blazer and Shorts

Summer Outfits

Blazer and Shorts

Summers are for shorts. These pants are easy to put on and take off, and they enable you to get some tan on your legs; however, on their own, they are not the chicest garments you can wear below your waist. One way to make them chicer is to wear them with a blazer.

Vest and Pants

Summer Outfits

Vest and Pants set. Photo:

Vests and pants are usually worn as part of a suit. Wearing a suit guarantees a stylish and powerful statement; however, it is not ideal for high temperatures. Plus, it’s too formal for most situations.
One solution is to wear the vest and pants only; by doing this, you keep the power and stylish image of the suit, but wear it in a more breathable way.

Sports Bra and Suits


Sports Bra and Suits

Has a work event thwarted your plans for going to the gym? No problem. Wear your gym clothes underneath a suit! The chic and sporty touch comes from wearing a sports bra instead of a shirt, and wearing it with a blazer and pants.

Kimono Shirt and Pants

Summer Outfits

Kimono Shirt and Pants. Photo:

One of the many wonderful things that comes from Japan is the kimono; it is elegant, sexy, and iconic by nature. Wearing one with loose-fitting pants is the perfect mix of Japanese and American creative styles.

If you cannot find a kimono in your local stores, you can substitute it with a cape and belt.

One-Piece Swimsuit and Pants


One-Piece Swimsuit turned into a look. Photo: Harper’s Bazaar/GOTHAM//GETTY IMAGES

Many of us will be heading to beaches or pools this summer to cool down. Aside from enjoying the water, we also want to enjoy social events and participate in indoor activities.
To help transition from the water to a party or an indoor bar, we propose a look made from your favorite one-piece swimsuit and pair of pants.

Where to buy all These Outfits?

To achieve these looks, you can either take pieces from your own closet to mix, or check out the following brands:

Summer is about being out and about, enjoying the sun, and being more active without having to wear too many layers. To get sporty and chic outfits for the season, try to buy garments made of fabrics such as linen and cotton, since they are breathable and fresh.

Also, you must pick shoes ideal for the transition from work to the pool or vice versa. Examples include:

It all comes down to choosing the right pieces that are comfortable, but also make the right statements.

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