What Fibers Say About Your Clothes ?

Fibers matter? Clothing endorsed by celebrities become bestsellers, but, have you wondered why a runway jacket is cheap in a fast fashion store and expensive at a designer one?   

Fibers used on clothes play a big part. Here are some options you have when it comes to fabrics:


Lady feeling fibers on clothes

Natural Fibers 

Cotton is one of the most frequently used plant-based natural fibers; it is breathable, machine washable and vegan friendly. You can find it in most pants and shirts, from GAP to Loro Piano, but depending on the staple length and the manufacture process, you can either get a harsh or soft garment.

Cotton fibers

 Cotton total look

Two brands we recommend that are good with cotton pieces are Ralph Lauren and Brunello Cuccinelli. Ralph Lauren offers a good array of options and prices while offering high quality. When choosing cotton garments, make sure it is soft as a cotton ball and has luster, the shine that makes it look like silk from a distance at bright lighting.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly brand, Mango could be an option.  Look for the terms “easy iron” or “tailored” on labels.


Wool overshirt

When talking about luxurious fibers, look for silk, cashmere, and wool, which are natural fibers too, but from protein/animal origin. If a brand uses authentic versions of any of these, it going to be an investment piece. They are not only soft and beautiful, but also wrinkle-resistant, warm without bulking and durable.

Thom Browne makes suits with wool or wool-cashmere combination. Stores have experts who tailor the pieces to your liking.

Manmade Fibers

Other types of fibers are manufactured or manmade. These include rayon, nylon,  and spandex, among others. Most of them are either partially or completely synthetic, not breathable, and not eco-friendly, because they take long to decompose. Some of these are excellent for gym wear or for pantyhose due to their elasticity.

Sustainable Fashion

Patchwork jeans

Patchwork jeans

For those looking for eco-friendly fashion, the following are a few names to look for: Bode, Stan and Greg Lauren. Tristan Detwiler, Creative Director at Stan , started reusing vintage quilts and turning them into garment in 2018.  On the brand’s website, you find patchwork pieces, blankets turned into jackets and other vintage fabrics that are wearable art.

Mimi Prober is an award-winning designer who mixes traditional methods with sustainable practices. She turns vintage textiles into the garments that every girl should own, to contribute to protecting the environment.

On your next shopping trip, try to buy garments made with fibers that meet your environmental views, lifestyle, and fashion statement you want to make. Natural fibers are breathable, eco-friendly, warm or fresh , depending on their origin, which could be plant or protein. Manmade are more elastic and used in combination with natural fibers to create special qualities on certain garments.

Sustainable fashion is getting easier to find thanks to brands like Greg Lauren, Bode, Stan and Mimi Prober.  They use their talent and resources to reduce waste and make unique clothing.

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands That You Can Actually Afford

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Nicolas Lu is a Public Relations professional specialized in Fashion and Luxury Goods. He also collaborates with magazines and online media by writing articles about fabrics, style trends and other fashion related topics.
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