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We live in a world of fast fashion and disposable garments, in which we must pay thousands for quality. But is there a way to get style, uniqueness, and character without breaking the bank? The answer is yes, thanks to vintage clothes.

If you look at a piece made in the 1950s or 1980s, you may notice several small details that show the level of craftsmanship, such as handmade buttonholes, stitching and fabrics that have withstood the test of time. When going vintage shopping, consider the following:

Timeless icons

An example of the Hollywood glamour that one can find at vintage stores

An example of the Hollywood glamour that one can find at vintage stores

Vintage shopping is like treasure hunting; you do not know what you may find. One can find Oxford polos and Cashmere sweaters by Ralph Lauren from the 1980s or 1990s that probably no one else has in 2022, as well as original trench coats from Burberry, classic shirts from Brooks Brothers made in the U.S.A. during the 20 century, and signature pieces from Chanel.

Some of the fashion personalities who go treasure hunting at vintage stores include Hamish Bowles, Global Editor at Large at Vogue, and Dita Von Teese, a burlesque dancer and model.

Your chance to experiment vintage

When scouting for clothes from different decades, one gets an opportunity to find inspiration, discover and put together looks to make statements. For example, take a 1970s wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg and style it with a 1990s Ralph Lauren sweater when it is cold and sandals by Salvatore Ferragamo when it is hot.

One can also mix vintage garments with current ones from our closets, like a Bill Blass pinstripe suit from the 1980s and Chanel blouse from the current collection, or 1940s “La Sirène” dress by Charles James with a Hermès  scarf.

Find your style by mixing garments

Find your style by mixing garments

Vintage clothes are not flawless

We  are talking about clothes that have been preloved and made in previous decades. This means pieces might come with rips, evidence of usage or stains. When looking at a piece, make sure to check the following: lapels, under arms, collars, cuffs, stitches, buttonholes, buttons, and linings.
Color and fabrics are two things that change over time, meaning they develop character as they age and share stories of their own.

Shopping sustainably

As we face global warming and over-production of items, buying preloved garments and accessories creates a circular effect that expands the number of available styles, clothes last longer in circulation before disposal and reduces waste that ends in nature.
Vintage shopping can be considered shopping sustainably since it offers limitless options to discover, express and save the planet. It is an opportunity to wear something from the Hollywood golden era, Studio 54 parties or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It is a ritual that connects different people, from working professionals to fashion influencers, allows one to get out of one’s comfort zone and experiment with a diversity of looks. Finally, it reduces the amount of clothes that end in landfills by extending the amount of wear per garment.

Accessories to refresh your looks

Accessories to refresh your looks

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