Stylish After a Long Trip

As we get ready to travel over the holiday season, many of us will be going through airports with security checkpoints and spending lots of time seated in tiny spaces. This means that when choosing a travel outfit, we will tend to prioritize comfort over fashion, but it does not have to be that way.

To look stunning when arriving at your destination and avoid uncomfortable moments at checkpoints, here are recommendations on what to wear during your holiday trip.

Wrinkle-Resistant fabrics

Before leaving home, consider the fabric of your clothes. Linen and cotton are two plant-based fabrics that are fresh but wrinkle easily, while animal origin fabrics like wool and cashmere are more resistant.

If you are going on a cold weather holiday, consider using pieces made of leather, wool, cashmere, or angora. If hot weather is your destination, consider a mix of linen or cotton with one of the cold weather fabrics. That way, you get the wrinkle-resistant properties without the excessive thickness.

One piece does it all

Jumpsuits are more than just an all-in-one piece. They are easy to accessorize, fit many different body types and can be easily match with boots, sneakers, or heels. They can be found in a variety of materials, including silk, denim, cotton and even leather.

Good jumpsuit brands to check out include Balmain, Reformation and Ralph Lauren.



Shirt dresses are elegant, versatile, and easy to put on and off. Silk, wool, or a mix with cotton will make sure that you arrive flawless to your destination. Our favorite colors and prints for this garment include stripes, white, pastels and primary colors (red, blue, and yellow).

Another good feature of shirt dresses is that you can find them in most brands. Check out Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Adam Lippes.


Shirt dress. Photo: STEFANO COSTANTINO / MEGA/ Footwear News



Cozy but determined

Bodysuits are a riskier and more versatile option; they have been popularized by celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried, Winnie Harlow and Dua Lipa.

These garments match well with a skirt and pants (e.g., drawstrings), providing options for more outfits. In the pictures below, you will find two ways to style one: look one is with jeans and heels and the second one with a linen pants, which can be translucent or not, depending on how risky you want to go.


Bodysuit paired with jeans and heels. Photo: Arielle Levy/Fashion Jackson


Amanda Seyfried in a bodysuit. Photo: GETTY IMAGES/WWD

Ponchos are your superhero cape. They will keep you warm and comfortable like a bed, but stylish at the same time. For a minimalistic look, Cashmere sweaters are ideal. Both pieces elevate any simple t-shirt and pants outfit.

A few brands that have presented ponchos include Veronica De Piante, Gabriela Hearst and Deveaux New York.





For something more bold with more attitude, Leather Jackets are perfect; no matter what you wear with them, you are going to impress.
In the picture below, you can see how the girl mixes a sophisticated Little Black Dress with a leather jacket, adding character to the look.


Leather jacket complementing a Little Black Dress

Shoes for Airports, Travel and Beyond

Airport security checks are a reality, as well as the uncomfortable task of removing shoes and accessories. For this occasion, ditch the laces and try slip on or zippered footwear.

For zippers, think about boots by Gucci or The Row or sneakers by Courrèges. If you are not into zippers, try loafers by Hereu and Gucci, or grip strap sneakers like the Recife by VEJA or Beth by Isabel Marant.


Zipper boots



Regardless of the occasion, there are no excuses to look messy on a trip. There is no longer a need to choose between comfort or fashion, menswear, or womenswear, since many of the suggestions above can make you shine, regardless of gender.

On your next holiday, pick up the following fashion pieces. To survive the cold, go for any jacket made of wool, cashmere, or leather. For simplicity, jumpsuits and shirt dresses are your friends. Finally, your most flexible and celebrity-like pieces are bodysuits, which look equally good with pants, a skirt or on some occasions, alone.

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Nicolas Lu is a Public Relations professional specialized in Fashion and Luxury Goods. He also collaborates with magazines and online media by writing articles about fabrics, style trends and other fashion related topics.
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