Sustainable Future Through Fashion

In these uncertain times, environmental sustainability has become a growing priority within the fashion industry. Runway shows, like for Versace Spring-Summer 2021 collection, seem to be a sign of this. Having major brands endorsing this movement towards ethical and sustainable fashion is incredibly helpful in changing the cultural mindset. But in order to support a sustainable future, it’s important for everyone to do their part. This, of course, includes the consumer.

From Versace Spring-Sumer 2021 Collection

An important step in developing an eco-friendly wardrobe is learning to appreciate and value each of the items in your closet. By taking the time to only keep and take care of the clothes you truly love, you not only create a collection that brings you joy but also one that discourages the wasteful practices of fast fashion.

While developing an eco-friendly wardrobe can seem intimidating to some, simple, basic habits and skills can help you to easily evolve your personal style.

Say Goodbye. Say Hello.

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While getting rid of old clothes may seem counterproductive to an eco-friendlier closet, hoarding items that you will never wear can be equally unhelpful. A haphazard collection of clothes will only encourage you to buy more unnecessary things.

Take inspiration from organization experts, like Mari Kondo, and let go of the things that do not spark joy. You can always do this in an eco-friendly way by donating and selling. Online thrift stores like ThredUP and Poshmark make this particularly easy to do.

By taking this first step, your closet will easily have a refreshing and joyful feel. The outfits you once forgot about will be revived with a new sense of appreciation which will lead to a greater sense of care.

What Brings YOU Joy?

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Awareness of the things you already have can help you become a more selective and less wasteful shopper. The next simple step is to ask yourself a simple question while shopping. “Do you like it?”

Focus more on the clothes that actually bring you joy and focus less on trying to fit in. Even if your style may not fit with the status quo, expressing your personal style will help you feel a better relationship with the clothes you have. Individuals, like Kitty Kay Sera and Shirinatra, show that there is much joy that can be gained from this.

Love from Your Hands

Sashiko Boro Jacket Cultural Appropriation
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The clothes that you make and mend with your own hand will easily become things that you love and cherish. In an effort to reduce the need for shopping and discard the things they love, more environmentalists are learning to sew, knit, and repair their own clothes.

Thrifted Quick Fix | Ep. 1 @coolirpa - YouTube
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Various methods, like Japanese Sashiko, not only help clothes last longer but also bring a refreshing new look to old clothes. There are many DIY ideas that are available through the Internet. Encourage yourself to try them by starting an online sewing club. It is definitely one of the most fun ways to transform your wardrobe and you will want to show off your creations to friends.

The Inevitable Truth: Buy Less

Due to current the fast fashion culture, clothes are being bought, worn, and discarded at an unprecedented rate. This puts a great deal of pressure on the planet’s natural resources and has even led to unethical labor practices. Buying less is an imperative step towards an eco-friendly closet. While to some this may seem like a sacrifice, by keeping a positive mental attitude, the practice of buying less can easily become a refreshing opportunity.

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Danielle Im is an undergraduate at Rutgers University studying Art History and Environmental Studies.
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