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It’s Holiday Season, Can You Save Your Waist Line ?

ERIC THE TRAINER talks to Lauren on how to best navigate holiday celebrations without gaining weight. It is a year where we are social distancing and gathering only within our households but that doesn’t mean there will be any less champagne, delicious dishes and holiday desserts !

Eric the Trainer drive is to be the best personal trainer on the planet became legendary and his energy is boundless. Eric’s methods have been utilized by Hollywood’s top celebrities and UFC fighters both in front and behind the camera and has been an instrumental part of some of the highest profile fitness stories of the past decade including Patrick Schwarzenegger, Big Time Rush, Ethan Suplee, Kirstie Alley, Michelle Branch, Big John McCarthy, and Max Martini.

Interview by: Lauren Conlin IG : @lauren_interviews Twitter: @conlin_lauren

Edited by : Jillian Tofukuji

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How to Celebrate the Holidays This Year

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