Fitness Guru to the Stars: Exclusive Interview with Eric The Trainer

Eric the Trainer’s ambition to become the best personal trainer on the planet would have been considered a dream if it weren’t for his legendary drive and boundless energy. POP Style TV’s Lauren Conlin interviews the fitness guru and gets some of his best-kept secrets.

Eric’s methods have been utilized by Hollywood’s top celebrities and UFC fighters both in front and behind the camera. He has been an instrumental part of some of the highest-profile fitness stories of the past decade, including Patrick Schwarzenegger, Big Time Rush, Ethan Suplee, Kirstie Alley, Michelle Branch, Big John McCarthy, and  Max Martini. Currently, he is doing a workout via Zoom called Morning Glory Live, where you can work out with Eric and various celebrities! He’s been joined by Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nickelback, and the last few months! It’s fun and affordable: go to to learn more and how to sign up!


Interview by: Lauren Conlin
IG: @lauren_interviews
Twitter: @conlin_lauren

Edited by : Nicolas Villasana


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