Pizza Class at Kesté with Roberto Caporuscio

POP Style TV had a pleasure of making a pizza with one of the most highly praised Italian Chefs in America! He shares his simple yet secret tips on making the most delicious pizza you are yet to taste!


Interview by Tijana Ibrahimovic

Edited by Laura Measher

Tijana  Hi guys. We are at Keste restaurant and we are here with Roberto. Roberto thank you
Roberto: Thank you for coming we are very happy when you come here.
Tijana:  I love Keste. I love Keste. So tell us a little bit about the concept of Kesté? And also what it means?
Roberto: Keste means this is it in Neapolitan language.  So it’s we find the name  because when we are kids and my mom I tell ” Mom I want this pasta, I don’t want this”  mom, I don’t want this. This is it. This or the bed. So today I have “This is it. This is what we have here. This is where the pizza is. The flour come from Italy, its Caputo and the tomatoes come from Italy and pizza-makers come from Italy too. They ship me on a boat together. 
Tijana: Good. original. 
Roberto: Original. And so we try to be way more authentic as possible. 
Tijana:And we are lucky tonight because we get to learn how to make the real pizza. So tell me you give pizza classes?
Roberto: Ok. We did pizza classes for professional people for a long time. And twelve years ago when I opened this location we did pizza classes for fun for recreational. Kids become very important after the pandemic, uh, team building all this most, every night before the pandemic we have a class here and now we start again. We have a lot of requests because people have a fun. They learn about making pizza. And this is very important for that. 
Tijana: Great. So let’s try it. Let’s do it.
Roberto: Let’s go.
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