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Looking Back on MTV’S Movie and TV Awards

MTV is home to numerous award shows. Many recognize the music and pop culture channel for its most popular event, the MTV Video Music Awards. But the MTV Movie and TV Awards is just as notable. As the title suggests, it’s dedicated to film and TV. From “Best Movie” to “Best Performance”, these categories honor the blockbuster hits that prestigious events tend to overlook. But, everyone’s favorite shows are up for an award. From Bridgerton to WandaVision, some of the most-watched shows this year can walk away with the staple buttered popcorn. Plus, they’re known for their A-list hosts. So, what can viewers expect to see this weekend? The 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards premieres Sunday, May 16 at 9 pm EST.

An Entrance to Remember

Hosts have to make a memorable moment on this special night. In 2005, Jimmy Fallon made his way to the arena in the Batmobile. 2016 was filled with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson movies. So, the pair let their natural chemistry do all the work. So, what will Leslie Jones bring Sunday?

Leslie Jones Will Host The 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards - MTV
(Courtesy of MTV)

Action Gets Its Shine

The action genre doesn’t always get the praise many believe it deserves. But Andy Samberg made sure to honor the category in 2009. Samberg teamed up with Will Ferrell and JJ Abrams to bring viewers “Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions”. The song poked fun at high-action films with staple detonation scenes. But each of the leading men simply kept walking away, because cool guys don’t look at explosions.

Best Kiss

One of the most anticipated awards is “Best Kiss”. Honoring some of the most iconic smooches in the latest films, fans vote for their favorite. Plus, some of these actors recreate the scene. Some of them are comedic, while others made viewers cringe. But 2005 brought the infamous kiss in “The Notebook” back to life between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

Remember When Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Recreated Their Iconic Notebook  Kiss At The Movie Awards? - MTV
(Courtesy of MTV)

Angelic Appearances

What is an MTV award show without antics? Eminem received a face full of Sascha Baron Cohen in 2009. The actor was promoting his upcoming film, “Brüno”. As Cohen was taking flight above the audience, he fell on top of the rapper. But the stunt resulted in Eminem storming off in the middle of the show.

Eminem's MTV stunt a set-up
(Courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald)

Star-filled Spoofs

Since the early ’90s, celebrities come together to poke fun at some of the most popular movies. In 2003, Justin Timberlake helped in recreating the cult trilogy “The Matrix”. Other popular films spoofed over the years include “Twilight”, “Tropic Thunder”, and most recently, “Us”. With two year’s worth of TV and movies, comedians have plenty of material to mock this year.

MTV Reloaded Movie Streaming Online Watch
(Courtesy of Binged)

Unexpected Performances

Although the VMAs are known for their performances, don’t count the Movie and TV Awards out. In 2010, Tom Cruise danced along to Ludacris as character Les Grossman. To up the ante, Jennifer Lopez joined the routine with Cruise. Although Cruise is known for his acting, he tried to make the audience well aware of his other talents.

Tom Cruise's MTV Movie Awards appearance as Les Grossman brings him back to  pop culture relevance -
(Courtesy of M Live)
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