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Amazon Prime’s Adult-Friendly Take on Superheroes

Marvel isn’t the only studio producing superhero shows this year. Based on the comic series “Invincible”, Amazon Prime developed an animated series of the same title. “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman helped create the new hit series. Having premiered on March 25, the series gave viewers eight episodes depicting the complex life of a superhero. But “Invincible” separated itself from other superhero shows and movies. It tackled realistic issues. But it also gave adults another reason to enjoy animation again.


“Invincible” aimed to reflect modern times, even if it’s a fanatical show. Characters changed from their initial backgrounds to satisfy the images of today, according to Screen Rant. For starters, the lead Mark Grayson is a Korean-American superhero. Asian people don’t have the same representation as to their white counterparts in superhero films and shows. Instead, they’re often portrayed as villains. Other prominent roles were depicted as Black women, gay men, and Black men. The show also highlighted interracial dating through multiple characters.

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But the characters weren’t the only ones getting heightened diversity. Behind the screen featured a multicultural casting as well. Academy Award nominee Steven Yeun and Sandra Oh voice the characters Mark and Debbie Grayson. The star-studded cast also included Mahershala Ali, Zazie Beetz, and Jason Mantzoukas. Although these characters look different from their comic book counterparts, it helped viewers connect more to these beloved guardians.

A Spin on Classic Tropes

Invincible: Who is Atom Eve? | Den of Geek
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Similarly, “Invincible” spins the expected. The new show twisted the idea of good and bad. Almost each of the characters was flawed. So, it forced viewers to design their own measurement of good and evil. From Omni-Man to Robot, no one was perfect. Mark failed in dividing his time between saving citizens and his relationships. It properly reflected real life, as well. Your wrongdoings always remain in the periphery of someone’s perception of you.

Additionally, the show was unafraid to tackle identity issues and family strife. This show flipped the script on picture-perfect upbringings. Instead, they highlighted insecurity, emotional abuse, and anxiety. Atom Eve—voiced by Gillian Jacobs— struggled with acceptance. Her parents clash with her powers. But, Atom Eve also struggled between doing what’s best for the world and what’s best for her.

Cartoons, But Make It Mature

Amazon's 'Invincible' Is Excellent, But Don't Show Your Kids - GeekDad
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“Invincible” also showed that adults still enjoy animation. Many enjoyed the animated DC superhero shows growing up. So much so, HBO Max has them available for streaming. But hero cartoons aren’t limited to children. Kirkman’s background involved grittiness and violence. So, it’s no surprise that the series dove headfirst into that as well. Within the pilot, viewers saw the show’s willingness to lean into gore and darkness. Additionally, each episode featured an increasingly bloodied title card and strong language.

Amazon Prime showed its ability to make animated superheroes and aliens appeal to people of all backgrounds and ages. So much so, the show was recently renewed for two more seasons. “Invincible” is available for streaming through Amazon Prime.
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