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Horoscope 2022 Predictions by Susan Miller

Susan Miller

Horoscope 2022. Susan Miller, probably most trusted astrologer there is, shared what is in the stars for the rest of this year. She explains what each zodiac sign should expect and what is the best time to make personal and business decisions.

Interview by Tijana Ibrahimovic

Edited by Basile Sampson

Tijana: Hello everyone. I’m here with Susan Miller, the founder of Astrology Zone. Welcome Susan to POP Style TV. 

Susan Miller: Oh, I’m thrilled to see you again. Thank you so much for having me

TijanaIt is always a pleasure. I have to tell our viewers that I always follow your calendar. So maybe you can share, uh, a little bit about, um, your annual calendar that comes out every year. Um, and what can people expect?

Susan Miller:  I think it’s my secret sauce by looking at every single day of a year coming up, it really gives me a good structure of the year. And I can see the major trends. I also look at every new moon and full moon. And that gives the structure of every month. And I can see if it’s a friendly one or a little witch, a little mean little.

I give my readers ideas of how to deal with that crazy witch. But, um, you know, it’s, uh, it’s a really good thing to plan your year because you know, otherwise time goes through your hands, your fingers. And, and you, you don’t even know what you did last year. I know it’s hard enough to remember, but now we all remember that we were home for two years of the pandemic.

And the happy news is this is a much better year. And you say, well, how do you know that? Well, when I was looking at. 21. I thought, oh, this is a remake of 2020. It’s like two little twins. They’re not much different. Oh gosh. And I thought, I didn’t even write the year ahead. I thought I’m going to take a break. I don’t want to tell my readers this, you know, maybe it is better they don’t know.

They don’t know this year. What I look for is little sparkling aspects sprinkled through the year, and that didn’t happen in 21, but it is happening this year and, and that those little wonderful bursts of optimism and help and, and, you know, just a lucky breaks. Give us the motivation to keep on going toward our difficult goals.

Like I want to buy a house. I want to have a baby. I want a new job. I want to start a business, whatever it is, these are big goals. So they take time and effort. So you need those little bursts of help throughout the year. And that’s what I look for when I write my calendar. So I get a very good sense of what’s coming up. This year is very unusual in a Jupiter. The giver of gifts of luck spent his first four and a half months in Pisces, and he’s leaving on May 10th and he’s going into Aries. And that means everybody gets an opportunity in a different area of the chart. He’s going to stay all the way until the end of October.

And then he backs into Pisces. So Pisces gets one last. Oh, well, it’s their Emerald year. So when you have Jupiter in your Zodiac sign, it’s the luckiest time. It’s just so good. And you have to watch the people who come into your life. So if you’re Pisces, think about who came into your life, the first part of this year.

And then, then you see a difference in the, in the middle part. And then you get another chance from Halloween to just before Christmas, I’ll give you holidays. You can remember it is the end of October through December 20th. The problem is Jupiter is retrograde until November 22nd. So that’s when it starts to get really good when Jupiter wakes up and is strong.

So. You know, for all the water signs, Pisces, gem, uh, Pisces, Cancer Scorpio, and also the earth signs. Taurus Virgo Capricorn. That’s good when Jupiter is in Pisces because water and earth make flowers. It’s fertile. It’s good. Now all the other signs do well in the main body of the year from May 10th to the end of October.

So everybody gets pieces of chocolate. 

Tijana: What is happening with the water signs during that period? 

Susan Miller: Well, I’ll tell you, let’s go through the signs, first of all, 

Tijana: But let me ask you if I understood this correctly because like, I am not an expert, but I know the basics when it comes to Pisces and when, when it comes to. So is it that

Susan Miller:  I’m going to have Jupiter from near mother’s day mother’s day? I think it is May 8th, but Jupiter moves into Areas May 10th. Stays till almost the end of October and in Aries as well. If you’re an Aries, you’re having your emerald year. This is the best in 12 years. Why do I say 12 years?

Because it takes 12 years for Jupiter, to go around the sun. He spends one year in each side, you might say, well, I think Pisces is getting cheated. No, they had a brief period in 21 when it was very, very good. It was from, um, May 16th to July 28th, but it was at its strongest from May 16th to June 20th. Because then Jupiter went retrograde and, uh, actually, I called my daughter.

And I said, you know, did anything earth shattering happen to you during that period? Diana? Anything? She said, sure. Mommy, don’t you remember? That’s when I had my IVF procedure on June 15th, it was grandma’s birthday. My mother, a little mom. I said, oh my gosh, that happened during that brief window in Pisces.

So everybody should look back to last year, around the middle of may, to June 20th, did something big happen. Actually for me, Louis Vuitton called from Paris, the company, and asked me to help them celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mr. Vuitton’s birthday. And they were going to do a worldwide celebration and there wasn’t a lot known about him. So they said

Could you do his chart? We know what time he’s born. We would like more details. So what he was like, wow, what a pleasure. And then they asked me to design a window. So I would say I had something earth shattering happen. We didn’t look for it. It came like a meteorite  through my window. I was very grateful and it was really fun working with their London lab because they worked with me to design the window that I had in my mind.

I wanted to put The universe in one of his trunks, they said, we’re asking different people to design something inside the trunk or outside. And I said, I want the whole solar system inside the trunk. Is that too hard and sparkling stars? I asked. That’s not too hard?They said they know how to do that.

Tijana: That is amazing. Let’s also mention that your daughter’s IVF was successful. 

Susan Miller: It  was! Seven pounds, 11 ounces, little baby Oliver. And I was out in LA. I could easily move my operation from New York where I live to LA because I write, although I must say all I wanted to do was play with the baby. She really needed help. You know, groceries and cooking. Oh, I love to cook. I became a great home cook during the pandemic.

So it was my pleasure, to make wonderful things for her to make sure they were nutritious and, you know, the right calories and everything and an amazing feeling. No, it was really fun. You know, I had to get used to her stove. It’s different from mine. And I had to figure out, you know, but I did.

Tijana: So let’s talk about what are we to expect this year? 

Susan Miller: Well, yeah. So Taurus, I want to talk to you for a minute. You’re going into a quiet period. You know, Aries has all the fanfare this year, but Jupiter will go into Taurus in May right near your birthday next year. In 2023. So this year is a preparation year. You tie up loose ends, get things finished, start new goals.

You’re starting a new cycle and it could be really great. You know, you’ve made some new friends this year Taurus and the first part of the year you’ll make more friends near the holiday time. You are so lucky you have all the aspects of working for you. And then. Just a gorgeous year in 23, beginning in may for 12 months

Gemini you’ve had really great career opportunities so far this year, you are coming up in the world. Your name is in lights, but there was a lot of, a lot of work to do. You know, you, you were tapped dancing quickly. Now when Jupiter goes into Aries you’re going to make many new friends. And even if you’re active on social media, you will get many new followers.

So this is a time of expanding your circle, expanding your community, and maybe giving back because the 11th house is the human, uh, humanitarian house, the house where we have compassion for others. And, uh, you know, what’s going on in Ukraine. We definitely have that and people are finding different ways to help.

And so you may be at the Vanguard of that this year, the later in the year, watch December, I would say from Thanksgiving until right before Christmas, you will get another shot of career news that is very exciting. 

Okay. Now we have Cancers.I love the little cancers. Oh my gosh. They’re so sensitive and darling that you go to cancer when you have a problem and they drop everything and listen. Cancer has not had it easy with a relationship, but luckily they’re coming out of that. And in the front part of the year Cancer, you had luck with foreign people, foreign places, also with higher education, maybe you went back for a college degree or your masters degree, or maybe you went into publishing or blood testing. Maybe you have your own podcast, something in that.

It’s all about information. Now, when Jupiter goes into Aries, wow. Is your career going to take off like a rocket? Nice. You’re going to get great feedback from your boss. They love you. They can’t live without you, and you will know that. So this is the biggest year in a decade for your career. And it starts the middle of May to the end of October.

Then you get another shot in 2023, the front part of the year. So that won’t be over. You know, when the holidays come, you’re just resting.

Leo Leo is going to be able to travel. Uh, you know, Fire signs don’t like to stay home and be shuttered in. All of them have been feeling very contained. The first part of the year allowed you to see a pay off to your investment. Now you might say, well, I don’t know. I don’t have too many stocks. Well, wait, maybe you invested in your education.

Maybe you invested in the house. I don’t know. There’s many ways. Maybe you invest in special lessons for your child. It’s many ways we invest. You’re starting to see that payoff front part of the year. Yes. Now you’re going to be able to travel and foreign people are going to be very lucky for you now, you know, when I had that aspect, I thought, well, that’s not happening to me.

This was a while back until I realized that when Elle called me, the magazine to write for them, It was coming from Hachette, which is, home office is Paris, but the call came from New York to me in New York. So I didn’t make the connection but isn’t that great. So you see, they think, Hmm, that’s not happening to me, but it is, you have to look closer, you know, So foreign people very lucky for the, um, for the Leos at the end of the year, commissions, any kind of money you share with another person, um, royalties or venture capital, um, bank loan, credit cards, you.

You know, people who have money open the door for you. So that’s kind of nice because Leo always has ideas that they need to fund. So it’s good. 

Um, the, uh, Virgos have the best marriage. Yes. Uh, if they’re dating seriously, uh, I would like them to get engaged right before Christmas. Not on Christmas. A lot of people get engaged for Christmas, but Jupiter leaves on December 20th. So do it earlier in the year or earlier in the month, I should say. And then, uh, then you could tell your family afterwards, but. You know, get the proposal and say, yes, or give the proposal. Girls are giving proposals too, you know. It could be  like a secret between the two of you. It’s just so nice. Now, if they didn’t get engaged by the middle of May, then wait until December, which is such a celebratory month anyway, you know, it’s just so nice. Now, if you say, well, wait, I’m not dating anybody. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to date anybody.

Well then any kind of partnership. Is lucky to hire an agent, a wedding planner, a new dentist, a new doctor, a new accountant, and anyone who works one-on-one to your benefit, a real estate broker, anyone who’s partnering with you to help you with their expertise. Very lucky. Now, if you are married your partner does really well this year.

And you both will benefit as a result. Now, in the middle of the year, you know, Virgo a few years ago was hit with so many unexpected expenses and this is unusual for them because they’re very good at keeping receipts. Staying on top of their bank accounts, seeing what’s coming in and they’re just excellent at money management.

This year money is flowing in. It comes in as commission, severance. If the company goes out of business, you get an amazing package. Um, also, uh, royalty, no Virgo. Also, if they need money, they’ll have access to it, you know, uh, they could even win a prize. I think every Virgo should think about going on television, like Jeopardy. They have photographic memory.

They remember facts. Most of them are in communication or they make great librarians. Now it’s time. I love Virgos, they don’t get the credit they deserve because they’re like gazelles, they work in the background and they help everyone. But it’s so seamless, you know, that they sometimes don’t get the credit they deserve for how hard they are working to help everybody.

Many of them are in the healthcare industry like nurses, they make the best. Uh, but they make fabulous editors. Some of my best editors were Virgos because they see. Or, you know, uh, an M dash, whatever it is, um, now, uh, they’re going to make money this year. So Virgo, you should be really happy about that.

I would say the months when you’re going to see some good news about money would be April and October. You say, wait a minute. That’s tax time in April. Well, you may get a refund. 

Uh, Libra Libra has wonderful aspects for getting the best assignments. Now, if they’re self-employed customers will be ringing the phone, they will, they want your services or your goods.

Wow. This is such a good year. And it’s not the year for fame and honors, but this year propels you to start the trajectory toward that. You get that about four or five years, but everything you’re doing now is leading to recognition. The other thing is for Libra is that they could lose weight. They could lose weight. That stubborn pandemic weight, but when you have Jupiter in the sixth house, It’s really easy to lose weight. Isn’t that interesting. They also have great marriage aspects and I think their husband or wife has been, um, working on some kind of goal that starts to grow in the garden. Like a big hibiscus flower as big as a dinner plate and it’s very exciting.

It’s also a great year for Libra to get married. And you know that this is the marriage sign. So, um, Oh, yeah. Kim Kardashian has five planets of Libra. She loves to get married. She’s done it several times, but that’s why she’s studying the law because Libra also rules law, and many of them become great attorneys or judges or prosecutors, but.

Like my sister, who’s a Libra. She married a very prominent lawyer. So they like to be around that. Libras always think that life should be fair. The rest of us are like, Life’s not fair. You’re a little Libra that doesn’t happen, but they’re like, no, no, we can make it fair. 

Scorpio. You have had a really wonderful personal kind of energy in your chart where you could find love.

You could fall in love. All the way to the middle of May and then it changes and Mars and air. Oh, well not Mars. Sorry. Jupiter in Aries will help you build a business. Or if you work for others, be really productive and impressive, and you will get lots of offers for jobs. You know, if your company. Is not doing well and you’re thinking I should really look around. Yes, this is a good year. Now you might find something that’s on the same level. But you would be able to increase your status at work in August. So you never want to take a vacation in August because that’s your month to come up the ladder of success. And if you’re not there.

Oh, I don’t want you to miss it. Good to know it’s important. And also it’s a wonderful time to become more healthy. Um, you know, everybody’s been home, nobody’s been going to the gym or very few people and. You know, we miss our routines, you know, so maybe they would want to go back to the gym or take up swimming or a new sport, you know?

Oh, taking up a new sport is such a nice idea. Or just getting out in the country and going hiking and being more active 

Now, Sagittarius. They have the best real estate aspects. If you have property, you need to buy or sell or rent. Wow. I want you to put the pedal to the metal and get out there and look for that dream space.

But you only have until the middle of May, then. If you, if, uh, if you don’t move, you don’t want to move feathers, your nest, make it prettier, make it more comfortable, more inviting because you’re going to have the best romantic aspects of anyone in the Zodiac. Jupiter in Areas is such a blessing. And it is a fire sign and you are a fire sign.

This is so compatible. You absorbed the goodness without even trying. Um, this is the best, you know, over a decade to meet someone. So, if you say, well I never meet anyone. Well, we all have that problem, but this year is different and this summer and you know, it starts, the middle of May goes all the way to the end of October, then your real estate aspect get one more boost. I would say Thanksgiving to almost Christmas, the 20th of December, if you have to move, I’m really going to urge you to keep looking and cause you won’t even want to leave home and your boss may let you work at home. So it’s just perfect. But this is a year to fulfill your private life.

You know, you’ve been working hard and you know, really getting ahead, but now you think about you you know, and, uh, you know, the women, I know everybody wants to get ahead of their job, but sometimes they forget that it’s nice to, to have a partner it’s nice to have children or a house or, or a condo or apartment, a rental with a pretty view.

Uh, they can have that when you have Jupiter in the, in the, uh, fourth house. You should not settle. You should get your dream situation. And I remember telling that to my older daughter when she was just out of college and she said, Astrology doesn’t work in Manhattan. I said, no, no, it does. It does. It does.

And I told her, don’t take that place. That’s too small. Keep looking, but I want to live in the Lower East Side. I said, yep. Yep. You’ll get your perfect neighborhood. You get everything you want when Jupiter is in that house. And she did. She found such a beautiful 1200 feet square feet apartment in Manhattan.

Yeah. So it does work even in Manhattan 

Now, Capricorn, something interesting. Their house of communication is lit up like Times Square until the middle of May. So they may have been working on a manuscript. A podcast, um, TV show something, internet show, but now they start thinking about their home.

So from May 10 to the end of October, they can move. And because. Uh, Jupiter will be an Aries is fire . They might have a fireplace. You know, everybody in LA has fireplaces. We don’t have them in New York. This is crazy now. Cause it’s cold here, all the guts, but, Capricorn uh, you look for that place to live because you’re going to be so happy all the way to, if you’re not quite ready, you have still some time at the beginning of 2023, but I would really like you to start browsing, seeing what things cost or how much the rentals are in the neighborhood you want to live because you are going to be luckier than a leprechaun.

So, and you know, it’s funny, I read in New York magazine that most people move between May and September, because they have children in the schools, but that just means the whole market gets more fluid. It doesn’t, if you have children or not, people start moving around and, and also nobody wants to move when it’s snowing, you know, it’s so much easier to do it when it’s warm.

So, um, so I would say. Little Capricorn look, just, just browse. Now, if you love where you’re living, you can renovate, you can renovate your kitchen or bathroom or buy some new furniture and you’ll probably get it on sale because you’re so lucky. Just the piece you want right there in front of you on sale.

You never know. I remember once I wanted a glass desk, I wanted a beautiful, thick glass because I want to put my, either my desktop computer on it. I have six computers. I have to because I can’t have them go down, you know, and I keep them all up to date and, and if anybody comes over, they can use one, you know, some of my assistants and so forth, researchers.

But, you know, at the time my husband was out of work and it was hard. I had children who were little that I was paying the tuition for the private schools. And I went into the laundry like Cinderella with fruits, stained t-shirt and I’m just feeling like life has pounded me into the ground. And I look at the bulletin board glass table for sale.

Oh, wow. Dining room table. But it wasn’t a dining room table. It was a desk, really? In my opinion, I like, you know, a decent sized desk. I don’t like scrawny little desks. Perfect. There was an inch and a half thick.It was beautiful. So I called the lady and I said, look, I’m going to my ATM machine. I’m going to give you a deposit.

She said, but how are you going to get it to your apartment? I have a messenger service. They know how to do this, you know? And she was in my building and she said, you know what, I’m going to give you my white couch. If you’d like it. I’m like, yes.

And, um, it was $600 for all this for a desk and a couch. Yes. So I’m telling you, when I say you can get lucky little Capricorn, you must believe me. 

So anyway, now Aquarius is doing so well with earning the money they deserve, but that’s ending now. So I wanted you to get your raise. before May 10th, if you can’t, then you try again at the end of the year between Thanksgiving and just before Christmas, but in the middle of the year, I know so many Aquarians who have a communications project. They’re writing a book, they’re writing a screenplay. They’re uh, they want a column in a newspaper online. They, gosh, I think of all my friends. Think of your Aquarian friends, they’re all working on something that has to do with communication.

And that glitters like diamonds in the sun. So I want them to keep to the program and do it and Pisces all the work, all the opportunity and work you did in the front part of the year from January to the middle of May will start paying off big time. Money is going to be rolling in and it’s money you earn.

This is not money you share with anybody else. It’s a different house than what the Virgos had. This is pure money. That’s yours. Pay off debt. But I’m thinking it’ll have lots left over. You can save some, invest some but still, still get that designer bag, a new computer or maybe a down payment on a new car or, uh, uh, you know, buy an apartment. You’re going to be in the chips. You are, you are doing well. Pisces and Pisces does not usually focus on money. This is not a materialistic sign. Neither is Virgo. They focus on the product, the creativity. But not on the money itself.

They feel money as a byproduct of everything they do. And it’s true. And Forbes magazine says the richest signs are Pisces and Virgo, but that’s because they’re focusing on the product. 

What do you think about your Horoscope 2022 ?

Astrologer Susan Miller

Susan is an internationally known astrologer, author, columnist, and TV personality. Susan is the to-go astrologer with her detailed and highly accurate predictions appearing on “Good Morning America’, “The View”, “Access Hollywood”,, Washington Post , “Entertainment Tonight”, “Fox and Friends”, CBS national, CNN’s “American Morning”,”Good Morning America”, CNBC’s “On The Money”, & ESPN along with articles in Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, NY Observer, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Daily News plus featured profiles on her in magazines in China, Spain, Brazil, Italy, UK and Turkey. Additionally, Susan is a monthly contributing editor over nine international magazines including Vogue Japan, Vogue China, Vogue Germany and Amica Italy, as well as the author of ten best selling books and calendars. She also offers a popular smart phone app, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller,” on the Apple App Store and Google Play. More About Susan Miller: Best-selling book author, web publisher, astrologer and businesswoman, Susan Miller’s achievements and contributions to the field of astrology have made her the authority in her field to the stars, quite literally. From Wall Street to Fashion Avenue, New York to New Delhi, people everywhere turn to Susan to teach, lecture, and lead them towards success in both their personal lives and business endeavors. Her readers include fashion catwalkers to Hollywood A-listers to CEO’s, and Wall Street icons. Her Hollywood devotees include Olivia Wilde, Pharrel Williams, Kerry Washington, Peter Bogdanovich, Jennifer Aniston, Molly Simms, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Bosworth, Orlando Bloom,Mary Kate Olsen, Cameron Diaz, Drea DeMatteo, Jessica Alba plus more. 

What did you think of her predictions for 2021?

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