Coco Mitchell Shares Her Beauty Secrets

In an exclusive interview with POP Style TV super model Coco Mitchell shared some very special beauty tips. In the second portion of our interview she tells us about favorite recipes, diet, work outs as well as her love life.


Tijana: So what do you think about this latest Instagram model that keep posing, keep posting and it’s all filtered and edited.

Coco Mitchell: I, you know, what can I tell you something? I don’t, like I said, I don’t really have an opinion, a yay or nay, or it’s good or it’s bad, but it’s not real. But if you think about it like this, we don’t live in a culture.

That’s real. We live in a culture that promotes that. So we can live in a culture that when I go on casting, they ask how many followers you have. So they’re not looking at this Instagram model to say, oh, that’s not really her face. They’re looking to say, how can we use this person and use her platform and her followers to promote our.

Tijana: So Coco, tell us your beauty secret. I mean, yes, your skin is amazing and radiant and you always look so good and always natural. So what are some of the tips or tricks you could use? You can share with us. You know, most people I’m going to say most people of color or from a different, not European background.

Coco Mitchell: You have your it’s almost like we all, we did things organically. So my beauty things always had to do with whatever my grandmother had in the kitchen. Okay. So it could be Vaseline all over. It could be okay, it’s freezing outside. She would just flatter you with olive oil. So I got so used to having oil on my skin that this whole thing with oil is like this big thing.

But for me, it’s always been a natural thing. So what I do, I will wash my face. This is the funniest thing I wash my face and brush my teeth with baking soda. Wow. I know it was crazy. It’s crazy also because growing up in a family with lots of kids and not having a lot of money, my grandmother used to make the toothpaste out of peroxide, baking soda and salt.

So I figured if it’s not broken, why should I change? So why buy all of these things? When a natural approaches, I don’t use the peroxide in the salt, but I do baking soda with water, and then I brush my teeth with it. And then what I put on my face as an oil, I put coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil. And when the clients give me products, then I use them.

But to tell you the truth, I don’t buy anything. I’m not buying a product. I’m not going to buy a product that has retinol in it that I don’t need. When it’s endotype aging, it’s something. For me, that’s going to make my skin say, wait a minute, what’s this foreign object, baby. If it has sunscreen, I’ll wear it.

But otherwise, I’m really kind of, you know, no, I, yeah. Do everything’s from the kitchen, even though everything, even the way that I eat every morning, I have a. I do a shake forever. I’ve been doing this before. It became like a big deal. Um, I use, I use a protein powder. I use a greens powder, like a moringa or something like that.

I use a reds protein powder, you know, with all the red berries and things like that in it. And, um, and then I put some coconut oil in it. And I blend it up and I go in the summer, I use real fruit because you can get it. It’s organic. It’s, you know, it’s live it’s on the market, but, or I’ll do it frozen, but in the winter, I’ll do it powder.

Tijana: And the winter, it’s only the two powders and coconut oil. And you take it like a shot or like an actual shape.

Coco Mitchell: No, I put it in. If I put it in with water, most people use coconut. But I figured why not? Well, I’m going to buy coconut water when I could just use regular water. So I put like maybe eight ounces of water.

Then I put two scoops of protein, pea powder, like a pea powder, like a vegetarian vegan powder with no flavor. I don’t like flavors like vanilla. I don’t like all that. And then I add the greens powder, which is usually bitter. And then I add a powder. That has like all the red berries in it. And then I blend it up.

I don’t even put it in the blender. I shake it up and then I drink it and I eat a banana.

Tijana: When it comes to, um, exercise. Do you also exercise? What, what is your workout routine?

Coco Mitchell: You know, it’s the blessing of being like living in LA for seven years where it used to be? Uh, I don’t know if this. But it was a lifestyle where I worked out three times a day and I think that’s how I got to be in sports illustrated.

Uh, now do I work out? What is my routine? I’ve been the laziest bum in the world. So lazy. If I didn’t work out, it would be like, I’d go to the gym. And I do a couple of this, a couple of that, a couple of this, and because the muscles have memory. Well, one thing that I noticed during the pandemic and the quarantine, I looked in the mirror and I’m like, whose body is that?

Ooh, yes.

Tijana: So I have, I think a lot of people have a similar reaction, uh, you know, during the pandemic, all I was like,

Coco Mitchell: oh my God, Who’s trunk. Is that like this part of your body? Like what this midsection is that, I mean, and everyone looks at me. Oh no, you’re crazy that I gained 15 pounds, which I could gain.

I mean, it’s not like, you know, I was skinny before and now I’m a little bit the closed fit when I’m working then not going to fit. If I try to do sample sizes. Right.

Tijana: Do you enjoy the extra 15 pounds? Maybe?

Coco Mitchell: Well, I lost eight of them, so I kept seven and I like it. I actually do like it. I feel like when the wind blows, I’m not going to be blown away.

Tijana: I do have one last question for you.

Coco Mitchell: Yes.

Tijana: That level life you’ve uh,

Coco Mitchell: oh my God. Love life.

Coco Mitchell: Most, most people would say that my love life is horrible. Okay. Um, I think after I became born again, it’s not hard for me to date. It’s not hard for me to meet people and I’m not being, you know, Uh, I don’t know what the word is egotistical or, you know, I’m all that I’ve made people walking down the street, but for me, the person has to like the Bible sense.

He has to love me. Like Jesus love the church. Jesus died for us. That person has to be that kind of. And he also has to be well-traveled and he has to also be able to elevate me, bring something more to the table. Like I hope I bring to the table. So my love life, I haven’t found that person. And my cousin said to me, well, maybe it’s not what you want, but it’s what you need.

I said get out of my face with that. No, no, no, no. Oh, good.

Tijana: This was so much fun. I mean, I’m sure there’s a lot more than we didn’t manage to cover, but, um, I think whoever watches this interview will be, um, enriched, uh, by. The information. So thank you.

Coco Mitchell: Well, I hope that I brought something to the table and thank you for thinking of me. .

Interview by Tijana ibrahimovic

Edited by Laura Measher

Cover photo Gulf Today

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