Character Style Watch: AHS Coven’s Myrtle Snow

Lately, all events have been canceled or postponed so services, such as Netflix and Hulu, have become the much-needed solace to get us through our days. From entertainment to education, they’ve got us covered, but even more, they provide us with unparalleled stylistic inspiration. We’ve all imagined ourselves slaying like our favorite character, but have you ever wondered why their outfit seemed appealing to you? This is why we are going to break down the outfits and their appeal of popular character costumes. Make sure to take notes because creativity can strike at a moment’s notice.

This week’s featured character is: Myrtle Snow from American Horror Story: Coven

Let’s start off with a classic. Anyone who has heard of the show knows that Myrtle’s wardrobe is iconic and unmatched. Her extravagance mixed with elegance has forever made Myrtle Snow a television fashion icon. Myrtle Snow’s outfits, courtesy of costumer Lou Eyrich, are pure art, plus it’s hard to deny the taste of a woman who’s last word was “Balenciaga!” 

Her Signature

The hallmark of any iconic outfit is a clear and unique vision. It’s one thing to be simply extravagant, but what elevates you further is having a direction with your flamboyance. There are many ways this can be done, but the most notable of which is with a signature. This can be anything from a signature color to a signature garment, Myrtle Snow outfits managed to incorporate both.

Photo Credit: FX/20th Television

The red and the pleats. No outfit of hers is complete without the appearance of her signature color, or without a flowing extremity. 

What draws us in…is the consistency. While she may change the specifics of her outfit, you can always expect she will wear one of her signature elements. Whether we realize it or not while watching the show, all of her outfits are cohesive with one another. Which is why when you remember scenes with Myrtle there are no unintended, jarring style choices. Her whole closet is aesthetically pleasing, and who doesn’t love a nice aesthetic.


This next note about Myrtle’s clothing can be an especially important piece of advice for everyday life. She dresses to compliment herself not what others think is stylish. While crucial, it can also tread the fine line between expression and adherence to toxic social norms if interpreted incorrectly.

Photo Credit: FX/20th Television

The color of her clothes, while flattering to her skin, are rather understated, but the outfit still isn’t boring. This is because Myrtle has opted to highlight her lavishness within her silhouette, specifically the volume of her top. Additionally, Eyrich uses Myrtle’s hair as a pop of color, as if it were an accessory itself. Giving further meaning to the idea that “you wear the outfit, not the other way around.”

s What draws us in…is the fact that she embraces herself, instead of hiding behind her clothes.  To expand on the point that Myrtle chooses colors flattering to her skin, she knows not only her strengths but also her weaknesses. You won’t catch Myrtle slipping and wearing colors that wash her out or overpower her, every shape and pigment is specifically tailored to her, and that takes an incredible amount of awareness and self-analysis. Her style also conveys Myrtle’s intelligence when analyzing the more subtle aspects of her wardrobe, such as her expert accessory pairings, such as the scarf she uses to break up the large black area of her top. 


The least important element is the personality that Myrtle projects through her style. It’s quite obvious to anyone who has laid eyes on Myrtle that she is no ordinary witch, and when we take the time to actually sit and appreciate her outfits, we can understand the extent to which this is true.

Photo Credit: FX/20th Television 

The above picture gives us Myrtle Snow in what has become a signature pose. The highlights of this outfit include the attention to clothing detail, specifically regarding her pattern choices, and of course a pair of statement gloves. Similar to the last outfit, she strays away from using bright or bold colors in her base ensemble, instead choosing to leave the color to her accessories like her gloves and broach.

Photo Credit: FX/20th Television

One can remain fashionable without needing to pack on accessories and garments. In this photo she resorts to simplicity, at least for her, and let’s her outer wear do all the talking. Additionally, despite her hair and and her jacket being of complimentary colors, meaning they oppose each other on the color wheel, she wisely uses the burnt orange pattern to maintain the aforementioned cohesiveness.

What draws us in…is the unconventionality and authenticity. The witches of the AHS: Coven universe tend to lean toward a mostly black-centered color palette, whereas Myrtle does not. This instantly gives us the impression that Myrtle not only doesn’t adhere to the norms of her coven, but in fact vehemently opposes them. We can also see within these outfits how much she values personal expression and self-confidence. Furthermore, who else do you know that can rock a pair of bright yellow gloves? I am certain that the list is not long, therefore the confidence to do so is certainly an important part of her life and character development. 

Cover Image courtesy by Coco du Trocadero

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