POP Style Review with Elona (video)

Elona went on her first solo international flight when she was five years old and traveled alone from New York to Ukraine to visit her grandparents. The 10-hour long, entertainment-less flight must have planted the seed which flourished into her adult life.

When she started traveling on long weekends while working full time as a financial analyst, she made the best of 3-4 day trips all over the world. Elona quickly learned that many people have misconceptions about travel: traveling does not have to be expensive, and it certainly doesn’t have to be over a long period. A weekend getaway is more healing for than soul than you can expect.

Little did she know, this small effort would become a full-time job.

“Currently, I travel full-time, creating content for various brands in the travel & lifestyle spaces. This year I am shifting gears and focusing more on humanitarian efforts. I have a charity for underprivileged kids with Cancer, and I lead various philanthropic initiatives to help children in underserved communities.”


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