Tyler, the Creator’s Fashion Feud

With an Instagram live and a couple of shady verses in his new album, Tyler, the Creator found himself in a fashion feud with rapper ASAP Nast.

How The Feud Began

According to HighSnobiety.com, their beef started last March when ASAP Nast accused Tyler of stealing his style. On his Instagram story, he posted pictures of his outfits and Tyler’s side by side, and they were pretty similar. 

“This is the guy y’all said I dress like,” he said. “Nah bruh dress like Nast.”

Tyler, the Creator and ASAP Nast fashion feud picture comparing their outfits
Photo: Snobette

Tyler’s Response

Tyler, who has been praised for his fashion sense, didn’t take the accusations lightly. In an Instagram live last week, he said, “To n****s who sayin’ I took they style, you will never amount to me… They know who I’m talkin’ about, listen to that RISE! Verse.”

The verse he mentions says, “You ain’t the only n***a that be in Paris.” Genius says this is a reference to Nast, who “has a history with the Paris fashion scene.” The rest of the verse also seems to be about Nast: “Why you filled with terror whenever you in my presence? / Is it ’cause we look just alike and n****s said it?”

He also tweeted about it:


Mixed Messages From Nast

Then, in another Instagram live, Nast laughed when fans mentioned their feud.

“I want y’all to know that I love T, we don’t have an actual beef, it’s all good,” he said. “But if n****s really wanna have a swag-off, holla at me. Let’s set it up.”

Shortly after, though, Nast went on another rant about it on Twitter. He also accused Tyler of stealing his iconic IGOR character’s classic white wig and sunglasses look from musician Shlohmo. IGOR came out May 2019 and Shlohmo’s album The End came out January 2019.


Tyler hasn’t responded to Nast’s most recent accusations or, more importantly, his request to do a Zoolander style “swag-off.” Now that’s something I’d like to see.

Cover photo courtesy of Billboard.com

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