Celebrity Stylist Julius Michael Dishes on 2021 Trends

POP Style TV spoke to Julius about current trends as well as some of his greatest beauty tips. We did discuss celebrities and celebrity styles as well. Watch to hear who are some of his favorite famous clients!

About: Julius Michael is a trailblazer in the beauty industry, setting the bar high for new trends. Celebrities rely on Julius to help them create their glamorous style. He is known for his mastery of color, highlights, Balayage and virtually undetectable, permanent or clip-on hair extensions. Julius’s signature looks can be seen on television and at red carpet events from coast to coast and internationally.

hi guys. I’m here with a celebrity hairstylist to Julius, to Michael. Welcome to pop-style TV. Hi, thank you for having me. Of course. I’m so excited to hear all about the latest trends when it comes to 2021 and hairstyles and et cetera. But first, why don’t we start a little bit with your background? Did you always want to be a hairstylist from a little boy?

Julius Michael: From a little boy. I love playing with hair. I had an older sister, so I would sneak in her room and steal like her Barbie dolls or her bionic woman dollar at the time. And I would sit there and just brush out the hair and play with it. So I always had a passion for.

Tijana: So she was your first client. Was she happy?

Julius Michael: Well, the bionic woman was my first line. Yes. She was always happy. She never complained. That’s the perfect client plastic. They don’t complain.

Right. Right. And you could practice for real life. So how did it turn and re into reality?

Julius Michael: So once again, we go back to my sister, her best friend owned the hair salon and he needed help.

One day, I guess someone had called out and he called my sister to ask if I would go in and help sweep and clean up. And I did, and I just loved it. I loved the energy. I love how everyone was happy and friendly and in a good mood. And I was like, this is what I want to do. Like, this is fun. These people are fun.

Tijana: So what projects are you currently working on?

Julius Michael: So, I mean, as far as work-wise, I’ll be working on the real Housewives, a mashup would all the different Housewives.

Tijana: And also when you do a hairstyle for the Housewives do kind of need to make kid. And hair-pulling proof exactly. In some cases.

Julius Michael: Exactly.

I mean, we’ve witnessed people get their handful and it doesn’t move.

Julius Michael: Um, yeah, I, it has to be pull proof. You know, those women they’ll pull each other’s hair out for.

Yes, I’ve noticed. I think a lot of them did, so it’s not easy. It’s not easy. And for sure

Julius Michael:  it’s not. And then I, and then I watched what beta Fred, oh my God. It’s for hair going to come out.Not if she’s going to be okay, but if her hair will be no, but it’s always about the hair. Can you pick her up off the floor and grab that hair that fell out?

Tijana: So the the extensions don’t go to.

Julius Michael: Yeah, exactly. She broke her arm. I’m so sorry. I need my hair back.

 Tijana: So are there any Housewives left that you didn’t work with that you would want to, or that you think they really need? Make-over?

Julius Michael:  Um, I mean, there’s a few that I think need to make over, you know, it’s more of the newer ones first season housewife. They come on. It’s like their glam, you know, what they do is like, whoa.

And then the second season, they get better because then they realize they gotta bring their a game. Um, but I work with so many that there’s really not many out there that I’m like, I want to work with her. So like salt lake city, I, I fell in love with Heather and Meredith and they reached out to me when they were doing their reunion.

So now I work with them and now I’m very, I become close with them. So I kind of work with all the ones I want to work with.

Tijana: They are public, um, personalities. Do you ever read comments from their fans? If they the hair and do you take it like personal? How do you feel if it’s like a negative?

Julius Michael: Uh, I do. So I, you know what I’ve done?

Like maybe I’ve done like one or two looks that I hate. Well, one look that was on TV that I hated, like the second she was going on, Andy Koen pulling, set aside and he’s like, Julius, what did you do? And I was like, Andy, to not rip me apart on TV. Cause I would never, he’s like, you’re allowed this one full pot and never again.

I was like, It was a disaster and people ripped it apart. And the look I was doing when, what would it, what a completely different out outfit. And then the outfit was switched to something bright and colourful and the hair. I, they just did not go when I read the comments and I was literally depressed for days because you know my work, I want to showcase my work.

I don’t want to put anything bad out there. And fans were viewers don’t realize. Us as artists, we’re not on the show, we’re showing our work. And when you guys start ripping it apart, it’s so personal.

Tijana: Would you say working, especially like when these shows are live, would you say it’s very stressful or you’ve kind of gotten used to it?

Julius Michael: Um, I it’s fun. It, I like the stress. I like when I have. The work fast and rush. Those have always been my best looks like my full lob that I’ve become known for was because I was rushing. I had given someone a different look. And then at the very last minute, I was like, you know what, let me just give you a full lab.

And I graded all the hair and I clipped in the, I reclip the extensions, cut it. And she went live. So my best looks are on there. It can be a little stressful, but it’s a lot of fun.

Tijana:  And so that it ever happened that, um, you know, like the last minute a hair extension fell out right before filming, or, or can you think of any really dramatic, uh, situation that you sort of had to save the last minute?

Julius Michael: I do. So I had, um, I went on Twitter. Years ago and asked everyone if they think I should give Tamar to judge blue hair extensions. And everyone said yes, and she was so against it. And it became like a big social media blow up. So the day that she was going on, Washington FSI by pull out the blue hair extensions, but I never so clips on them.

And I was like, holy shit. I started all of this. How do I not give you the blue hair? So I put them in what Bobby pins. And she wore her hair pins straight, and I put a braid up the middle and as she speak in the hair, sliding down, the like one side was all the way past her boob. And the other side was all the way up to like her, her collarbone.

I was like, I, this is roadkill. I’m dying right now.

Tijana: What are your must-have products?

Julius Michael: So one my must have is always my power before. Because I will always throw a ponytail on someone. If I, if I hit a roadblock and I’m like, I don’t know what look I want to do. I’ll default to a ponytail because everyone loves a ponytail.

Um, and my other must have products is from Kenora professional. It’s a, uh, it’s called a texturizing taffy and it’s a. So you put like a very little like a dime-sized drop and a teams, all the flyaways love that at, of course my cheek, any MIT curling irons. And I always, always, always, always top number one, along with my power pony is hair extensions from hidden crown.

I always have a bag of hair and I always have like, no matter who I’m going to do, even if it’s the first time I will always pack. ’cause you never know when you’re going to get there. They might have extensions that have to come out or their hair looks great on the show or in an interview, but it’s all clippings.

And then I don’t have hair and they don’t have hair. So I always have hair on my back. It’s like my emergency. No, band-aids only hair.

Tijana: So what do you think is going to be the most popular look for 20, 21 summer?

Julius Michael: So I feel like 20, 21, because we’re all coming off of the pandemic and we’re still getting back to normal.

There’s not really a set trend yet. And I feel like everything goes a lot of, a lot of women and doing the long sleek hair, lot of ponies have. Um, bonds. I don’t, there’s no real set. Look. I feel like we’re, we’re just transitioning back to life, you know? And it’s once the fashion shows start going and all the big fashion houses start putting out their looks, that’s kind of when you know, the trends start coming together.

When we get a hint on what to, what to do. Yeah. The one where we get a hint, but I feel like ponytails are still really big. Should’ve wore a ponytail for this. Your hair is beautiful. You look great.

Tijana: Thank you. Anyone would like to come and get an appointment with you? Could they, could they just come to your salon or how far in advance did they have to.

Julius Michael: Um, so they could call the slot. I have a lot of people that reach out to me through my Instagram, who fly in from all over, who want to come in and, and I always feel so bad. So I will try to squeeze anyone in or work around it. Go in early. So I do work with people. I don’t want, like, I don’t bombard Bain, but I do.

Um, but I’m a couple of weeks to months out in advance and they could come see me at the salon. And always, I write back to everyone and I tell them if you have her home, would it replace. Just let me know when I’ll work you in.

Tijana: Well, that’s good to know. So that way our viewers can, you know, maybe sliding your DMS and make it a.

Tijana:  So, thank you so much, Julia. This was so fun to talk about beauty and air styling. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. 

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