Tips on Celebrating Earth Day This Year

Earth Day is quickly approaching, but how do you celebrate the holiday? It’s not gift-driven like Christmas or has fireworks like the Fourth of July. But, there are small things you can do to honor April 22. Earth Day was created to support the environment and promote its protection. So, participants could do that— both at home and outdoors. These 5 tips will help you decide how to give thanks to Mother Nature.

1. Change Your Routine

12 Simple Ways to Drink More Water
(Courtesy of Healthline)

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Earth Day is to switch up your routine. Have you noticed you’re in the shower a little too long? Or is your room slowly getting overrun with plastic bottles? Minor changes to your ritual could help make major results. Be mindful of your water consumption. Instead, try to shorten your shower. Water bottles like hydro flasks are popular and help limit the use of plastic. Even when shopping, utilize reusable bags. Lastly, be sure to unplug electronics and lights when you leave the room. Turning these items off could help conserve energy as well as reduce gas emissions.

2. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle — But With Clothes

Where to Donate Clothes When You're Moving |
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Shopping is a fun way to express yourself. But did you know clothes are some of the biggest pollutants? Fast fashion is so convenient but comes with negative practices. Their production releases gas emissions into the atmosphere. So, you could reduce your clothing purchases. Also, clothes aren’t always properly discarded. Sometimes they wind up in our landfills. Instead, try finding a local shelter to donate to. That way, you reduce your closet while adding to someone else’s.

3. Community Clean-Up

How to Plan a Community Cleanup | Budget Dumpster
(Courtesy of Budget Dumpster)

It’s time to get your hands dirty! Ring in the holiday with a community clean-up. These can range from picking up after local parks to cleaning around schools and universities. Others might even include help around the town’s garden. Community clean-ups dedicate only a couple of hours to volunteering. Plus, it’s a simple way to help your town look welcoming. To make it all the more entertaining, bring friends and family along. With a great group, it can make for an enjoyable day.

4. Gardening

Coronavirus gardening: hobby and self sustainability create interest
(Courtesy of USA Today)

There’s been an uptick in “plant moms and dads”. The pandemic made some people lean into their green thumb. So why not try your hand at planting in your yard? Many groups online offer tips on how to help your plants thrive. But you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional plants. You could even attempt produce or trees. Growing your own plants and trees help add oxygen to the atmosphere. Plus, trees bring shade. With the world experiencing climate change, shade could help bring temperatures down. Plus, eating from your own backyard limits the gas needed during food shipments.

5. Virtual Celebrations

National Geographic Earth Day Eve 2021
(Courtesy of National Geographic)

If you’re unable to celebrate outside, salute Mother Nature while using your screens. National Geographic is offering an Earth Day Eve virtual celebration. Hosted by world traveler Jessica Nabongo, unique landscapes across the globe are sure to be on display. The live stream also features performances, special guests, and more. Some notable figures include Dr. Jane Goodall, Ziggy Marley, and Willie Nelson. National Geographic’s Earth Day Eve is streaming on April 21 at 8:30 pm est on YouTube.

The cover photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

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