Stella McCartney Spring-Sumer 2021

In the latest Stella McCartney fashion show, the rich greenery, the misty skies, and the jagged stones of Richard Long’s Full Moon Circle all come together to create primordial energy and tone. At the gardens of Houghton Hall, there is an environment that is reminiscent of Stonehenge. This ancestral and down-to-earth feeling intermingle with the dynamic colors and silhouettes used in this year’s “A-to-Z manifesto” collection. 

The fashion show premiered on October 8, 2020. The show is described as being centered around the “collective desire for movement and connection with our bodies, nature, and art”. It draws inspiration from the current pandemic and environmental crisis while looking to a brighter future. Just as with other recent fashion shows, this collection was primarily showcased as a kind of art film. It took the opportunities that came with not having an audience and made the show into a visual phenomenon.

Last year’s Spring-Summer show consisted of freely flowing garments and broader shapes. By contrast, this year’s collection features form-fitting cuts and carefully shaped lines. Even thinner, chiffon-like fabrics seem to follow a distinct structure. These characteristics are likely due to a focus on women’s athleticism. Each outfit has a sense of elegance and femininity that is combined with utility and sleekness. 


As part of the ready-to-wear collection, the thick flip-flops worn by many of the models show significant priority in comfort. This is an interesting combination with the sophisticated look of many of the garments. Perhaps in this way Stella McCartney is looking to the future. By creating this kind of footwear, she is creating a fashion that will truly benefit the adventurous and athletic woman. It may just be perfect for not only the freedom-loving adventure but also the powerful, ambitious woman. 

Of course, we cannot fully talk about Stella McCartney without mentioning sustainability. Staying true to its ethical and vegan goals, the brand continues to raise the ante for environmental awareness. This year, it claims to have used 65% sustainable materials. This includes things like repurposed lace and organic cotton. 

In a previous article from Pop Style,  we can see how a vegan plant-based diet can help with one’s weight loss. But did you know that a vegan lifestyle can also contribute to a smaller ecological footprint? Stella McCartney’s cruelty-free and vegan bags may just be the perfect item for next summer’s eco-friendly fashion lovers. 

This amazing fashion band continues to be a golden example that shows the possibilities when sustainability and style come together. Considering the events of this year, concepts of nature, freedom, and sustainability make this spring-summer collection impactfully relevant. In addition, the sleek, sexy, and sophisticated style helps to break some of the stigmas around eco-friendly fashion.

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Danielle Im is an undergraduate at Rutgers University studying Art History and Environmental Studies.
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