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Kourtney & Travis ’ Goth Wedding Look for Your Wedding

Photo Kourtney Instagram

It’s official, goth wedding, the IT wedding trend of the season, and Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker nailed it! From the deep burgundy florals and exaggerated candelabras to religious crosses, and guests draped in black gowns this wedding trend is definitely picking up steam.

Engaged couples who are fans of the reality television beauty and rock music legend will surely want to emulate this goth wedding look for their own upcoming nuptials, though most likely, at a fraction of the cost.

Wedding expert McKenzi Taylor’s flagship company, Cactus Collective Weddings, began getting an overwhelming amount of requests for goth-themed and alternative/rock-themed weddings. To meet this demand, in January 2022 McKenzi launched her second wedding production company, Electric Sugar Elopements to accommodate this exploding wedding trend.

Kourtney and Travis Wedding

Photo Kourtney Instagram – Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

McKenzi’s comments on Kourtney and Travis’ Italian wedding:

“Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker blended gothic and rock n’ roll themes, and they did it their way. Kourtney played with black ensembles and religious symbolism for her pre-parties, but opted for a white corset-style micro-mini dress and exaggerated white veil for the main event. Instead, she chose to have her bridal party and other guests flanked in darker, goth-themed gowns. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker completed the goth aesthetic with dark burgundy-hued florals, twisted vines, candelabras and, of course, religious symbolism.

I always tell brides, a goth theme can be achieved without wearing a black wedding gown if you don’t want to go that route. Kourtney did it perfectly.”

For her own couples who desire this suddenly in-demand wedding theme, McKenzi accomplishes this same vibe and aesthetic for her clients at a mere fraction of the cost, for under $6,000 to be exact.

“Goth is an over-the-top theme and there is a lot of room to be playful, but also great attention to detail. The aesthetic is exaggerated with lots of melted candles, religious symbols, vintage props and furnishings, and interesting personal affects offered by the couple to complete the feel. We use a lot of dark hued colors like burgundies, deep purples, black, and dark burnt orange. We encourage our couples to flaunt their tattoos, piercings, alternative hair colors, and the like. Think wedding Bizarro World. We’re going for anti-tradition with this theme,” explains McKenzi.

To take things one step further, McKenzi’s photography team know how to create wedding photographs for this theme with special photography, lighting and post production to give goth-themed wedding pictures a slightly darker, aged, and more vintage look. “It’s all in the details,” shares McKenzi.

“We regularly use old upholstered furniture, candelabras, dried florals, black cats, fake “blood” covenants, black birds… you name it, we’ve created it.” for goth wedding of your dream

Visit www.electricsugarelopements and see ESE and McKenzi featured in The Daily Mail.

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