Influencers and Their Staycation Blues?

It’s been almost eight months since the beginning of the pandemic and safe to say, we’re getting antsy. Some people have been going to restaurants and even partying. But what about those going on vacation to foreign countries?

Celebrities have been making headlines for vacationing overseas. From A-listers to online creators, more have been leaving the US borders for sandy beaches. But the social media response isn’t as supportive. People called these trips irresponsible. So is this really the best time for a trip?

Celebs and Covid-19

Kim Kardashian and her family were the latest to catch flack for this use of free time. Many thought it was insensitive to visit a private island to escape a virus. But more importantly, they couldn’t “pretend things were normal”. Their own waiters were still covering themselves with masks.

Kim’s post made many question her intent, too. Was it just her way to memorialize her 40th birthday? Or was it to stunt on those stuck at home? Either way, the Kardashians became the butt of several jokes. Social media users resulted in creating memes out of her caption. From Club Penguin to “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, people found ways to mock the socialite.

Influencers’ Taste of Freedom

By now, influencers are known to utilize trends for profit. But flying to Tulum, Mexico may not be the best trend to follow. Mexico has increasingly allowed Americans to visit, but at what cost? These vacations are still considered nonessential travel—putting themselves and foreign countries at risk.

Similar to the Kardashians, both create sponsored posts. They also have to create content as their jobs. But international photos aren’t the best backdrop. According to The Cut, some content creators reported a decline in followers and engagement.

The Solution?

So how can these public figures balance work and safety? Their best option is to explore local destinations. It’s the best time to showcase creativity and originality. Underrated hotspots are everywhere, they just have to be willing to find them.

In terms of socializing though, it should be brought to a minimum. Not only is it unsafe, but it also reads recklessly to their fans. In the least, these parties shouldn’t be showcased online. It openly invites criticism in massive droves, like Kendall Jenner’s recent Halloween party. No one’s content with limited interaction. But there are no positives to flaunting irresponsible gatherings.

The cover photo courtesy Insider

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Brianna Ormond is a senior at Rutgers University as a Journalism and Media Studies major, Political Science and Africana Studies double minor. She enjoys listening to music and binging Netflix in her spare time.
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