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Garrett Hedlund Talks His New Thriller “The Tutor”

“The Tutor,” starring Victoria Justice, Garrett Hedlund and Noah Schnapp is a must-see. The film’s premise?  According to IMDB,  the film follows a tutor who, after being assigned an unexpected task at a mansion, finds himself struggling with the obsessions of his student, who threatens to expose his darkest secrets.  Ethan, the tutor, played by Hedlund, lands a high-paying assignment to instruct a billionaire’s son, Jackson (Schnapp), at a remote New York waterfront estate. Almost immediately, Ethan realizes that his student’s interest in his life borders upon obsession. As tension grows, Jackson’s accusations threaten to expose Ethan’s perceived dark secrets to his girlfriend (Justice) and the authorities.  As sentiment turns against Ethan, it is up to him, and only him, to unearth Jackson’s accusations and prove his innocence.

We chat with the star of the film, Garrett Hedlund about his quirky hairstyle in the film, working on the movie itself, and so much more.

Lauren Conlin (00:12):

Hi, I’m Lauren Conlin from Pop Style TV. Nice to meet you Garrett.

Garrett Hedlund (00:16):

Nice to meet you, darling.

Lauren Conlin (00:17):

Okay, so my first question here, I guess maybe it’s for the hair and makeup artist of “The Tutor”, but I wanna show you this, this is you, you so obviously have a mullet as this tutor in this movie. Now, was this purposeful or was this a random mullet?

Garrett Hedlund (00:35):

Wait, the mullet and not the receded hairline???

Lauren Conlin (00:38):

Oh, I don’t notice those things, honey. I don’t notice. I think receding hair lines are hot. I’m, I’m all about that.

Garrett Hedlund (00:43):

What would, that doesn’t even qualify as a mullet, that that qualifies as like <laugh>, the, the, the residual extensions of the result of a hat off.

Lauren Conlin (00:54):

Yo, I disagree. This is a straight up mullet. Oh, now my phone wants to be silly, but it’s a straight up mullet.

Garrett Hedlund (01:00):

No, no. I know what picture you’re referring to there. You know what I’m talking about. That’s more of a fast gliding sort of long distance runner who gets the wind in his hair to such an extent that the free flow and follicles have no choice but to be free. You

Lauren Conlin (01:15):

This is really good. Um, this is really good mullet commentary.  I would say this is in the top five reasons to watch The Tutor. Ha no, besides the fact that it’s a wonderful film and it’s very, I would say it’s the perfect amount of creepy, the perfect amount of just, you know, I enjoyed it. I just came off watching, um, the Murdaugh documentary, like most people on Netflix, and I felt like Noah Schapp’s character was, was genuinely like a Murdaugh. I don’t know if you agree with that, but it was like this e this rich kid right that thinks he could do whatever he wants. But tell me your thoughts..

Garrett Hedlund (01:56):

Nobody else is really witnessing it (referring to Schapp’s obsession with him) or those that do sort of keep their distance; they’re they’re involved- in the families such as Noah’s cousin. But yeah I’ve watched all the Murdaugh stuff as well. 

Lauren Conlin (02:12):

Did it give you that vibe a little bit? It really it gave me that vibe where I’m like, what is with these kids that think they can do whatever they want to anybody and just, you know, it’s, it’s horrible.

Garrett Hedlund (02:24):

That’s sort of what my internal, uh, what Ethan’s internal frustration was when he used to approach Victoria Justice’s character over, over some of these matters and incidences that are going on. It’s basically him, hands down saying, can you not see what this kid is doing to me? Can you not see what he’s doing to us? And she’s now questioning his, his, uh, honor and honesty and, and what she believed to be, you know, what she fell in love with and so yeah. So, so as an audience in this, you get to experience the, the sort of essentially downward spiral of this character questioning his own sanity and eventually becoming just, um, insane right before your eyes. So it’s an interesting

Lauren Conlin (03:20):

Right? Right. And I, I don’t mean to interrupt you, but this is also something I think that everybody should be aware of, is like, the term of the year is gaslight. Now I know that you know what gaslighting is, and your character, they gaslight this sh*t out of your character in this.

Garrett Hedlund (03:39):

Damn right they did.

Lauren Conlin (03:40):

Right? Like, that bothers me. 

Garrett Hedlund (03:43):

Thank you. Oh my God. Let’s form a coup right now. 

Lauren Conlin (03:49):

Not funny. It’s funny when it’s not you! Yeah. It’s not funny.

Garrett Hedlund (03:54):

Come on. What’s going on in your life right down. No. What’s going on?

Lauren Conlin (04:01):

No, but I’m saying, I’m saying I feel like, I don’t know if-

Garrett Hedlund (04:04):

Are you more Ethan right now, or are you a little more of a Victoria? Do you trust anybody or are you being untrusted by everybody right now?

Lauren Conlin (04:11):

Ooh, Garrett, you’ve got me on this one. I would say I’m right in the middle of everybody. How do you like that? I’m right in the middle of-

Garrett Hedlund (04:17):

Everybody. Goodness. And if I was like any other good therapist, I’d say our time is, up.. <laugh>. Um, I didn’t know what, I didn’t know what Gaslight had meant until literally about three years ago or two ago. Okay. It was only from the, you know, the repetition of it. But look, yeah, that’s, that’s the, that was the goal within this film was to, was to really, was to have a character that’s that’s by his best intentions, agreeing to an opportunity that would help him simply provide for his family more. Hmm. So essentially make more in a month than he would in a year, and so on and so on, you know, doesn’t plan to be doing this job forever. And Right. The fact that he says okay to it, this young kid comes in and sort of turns his life upside down. And so hopefully I will get, you know, people to be curious about this film and dealing with, you know, the academic tutor and a student- to the younger audiences, and if films like Primal Fear really threw me for a loop..  what Edward Norton and Richard Gear did with a film like that-

Lauren Conlin (05:31):

Love that movie.

Garrett Hedlund (05:32):

Yes. You know, hanging on the edge of your seat, like something like Mystic River, which is, you know, one of my favorites as well. Then hopefully even the younger audience as well as all those that got to experience those films with me, get to enjoy this one because some events happen towards the end that, that hopefully really catch everybody off guard and Absolutely. And, um, yeah,

Lauren Conlin (05:55):

No, I love it. And know what’s so unfortunate is that my time is up, but I could talk to you about this forever. I really could. And I really, really enjoyed this movie. I really enjoyed Tulsa King with you. I’ve, I’m a little late, but I’m watching it now and, um, I, I really hope nobody gaslights you like, you know, like the fake Murdaughs do in this film. So, um, good luck with everything. Garrett. 

Garrett Hedlund (06:17):

That’s you and me, both you and me both.

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