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DaBaby In Hot Water After HIV/AIDS Comments

Rapper DaBaby stirred up controversy this week when he started telling his fans to put their phones in the air during his Rolling Loud set.

DaBaby’s Comments

“If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, any other sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in 2-3 weeks, put your cell phone light up,” he said. “Ladies, if your p***y smell like water, put your cell phone light in the air. Fellas, if you ain’t suck a n**** d*** in the parking lot, put your cell phone light up.”

DaBaby at Rolling Loud
Photo: NME

It worked, and DaBaby was greeted with thousands of shining lights. But soon after, celebrities and fans alike began to critcize his statements as sexist, homophobic, and harmful.

The Online Outrage

For example, Dua Lipa, who features DaBaby in her hit song “Levitating,” said she doesn’t “recognize this as the person [she] worked with.” Clothing brand BoohooMan also denounced his comments and “decided to cut its ties to DaBaby,” according to USA Today.

Then, Elton John posted about it on Twitter: “Homophobic and HIV mistruths have no place in our society and industry and as musicians, we must spread compassion and love for the most marginalised people in our communities.”

He also posted a list of facts about HIV to counter the “stigma and discrimination” DaBaby’s comments showed. The belief that HIV/AIDS will kill you in a matter of weeks, for example, is completely false. According to John, “you can live a long and healthy life” with it. Also, you can take a pill so you will no longer spread it to others.

DaBaby has since apologized to those affected by the disease and explained that his comments were not meant to be homophobic, but a “call to action.”

“When I said that… you know what my gay fans did?” he said in a video. “ Put they motherf****** light up… because my gay fans got class.”

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